Israel launched a massive air attack in Aleppo, Syria, and many people killed


In a recent development, Israel has once again launched a massive air attack in Aleppo, Syria, triggering significant casualties and property damage. This aggressive move by the Israeli army has drawn attention to the escalating tensions in the region and raised concerns about the ongoing conflict dynamics. Let’s delve deeper into the details of this … Read more

Netanyahu is not even listening to America after Gaza now it is the turn of a new city; Israel is bent on building a cemetery


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: Benjamin Netanyahu’s army IDF, which has turned Gaza city into a graveyard, is now moving towards Rafah city. Despite opposition from all the countries of the world including America and the appeal of WHO, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday that his army will not back down from … Read more

Thanksgiving Celebrations in the U.S. Overshadowed by Global Tensions


As Americans gather to celebrate Thanksgiving, the traditional joy of the holiday is tinged with unease due to ongoing world events. The conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza has prompted heightened security measures across the United States, adding an air of tension to the normally festive occasion. Extra precautions are being implemented at airports, … Read more