Netanyahu is not even listening to America after Gaza now it is the turn of a new city; Israel is bent on building a cemetery

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: Benjamin Netanyahu’s army IDF, which has turned Gaza city into a graveyard, is now moving towards Rafah city. Despite opposition from all the countries of the world including America and the appeal of WHO, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday that his army will not back down from the ground attack in Gaza’s Rafah city. He has vowed to destroy Hamas. Following Netanyahu’s insistence, the lives of Palestinian citizens taking refuge in Rafah are in danger. According to an estimate, 1.5 million Palestinians fleeing Gaza have taken refuge in Rafah city.


Benjamin Netanyahu: America after Gaza now it is the turn of a new city

Earlier, Netanyahu’s army had killed thousands of people during the massacre in Gaza City. Gaza’s Health Ministry says that the death toll in Gaza City due to Israel’s attack has crossed 31 thousand. This mostly includes women, children, and the elderly. Health facilities in Gaza have been destroyed. The city is deserted and there are signs of destruction everywhere. Now Netanyahu has called for a ground offensive in Rafah. Ever since Netanyahu has been adamant about attacking Rafah, many countries of the world have worried about the lives of the Palestinians taking refuge there.


US President Joe Biden, who has provided billions of dollars in military aid to Israel since the beginning of the war, has expressed concern over the threat of war in Rafah after Gaza. He says the attack on Rafah would prove to be a “red line” without fixing credible measures to protect civilians. On the other hand, the United Nations World Health Organization urged Israel not to attack Rafah “in the name of humanity”. Warned that “this humanitarian disaster must not be allowed to get worse”.

1.5 million Gazans have taken refuge in Rafah

Israel has repeatedly threatened to launch ground attacks against Hamas militants in Rafah. There are currently 1.5 million Gazans living in Rafah, who have taken refuge in the city after the Israeli attack. After the Israeli attack, the lives of millions of Palestinians are in danger.


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