Saints Not Contemplating Quarterback Change: Derek Carr Remains the Starter

The New Orleans Saints faced a challenging situation in their recent game against the Minnesota Vikings when starting quarterback Derek Carr took a hard hit, resulting in his exit from the game. Jameis Winston stepped in as his replacement, showcasing a mix of promise and challenges. With questions looming about the quarterback situation, head coach Dennis Allen addressed the issue in a postgame press conference.

Derek Carr’s Injury:

In Sunday’s game, Derek Carr suffered not only a concussion but also a right shoulder injury. The severity of these injuries remains uncertain as Carr is currently in the concussion protocol, and official details are yet to be disclosed. The sight of Carr leaving the field on a cart raised concerns among fans, making the upcoming bye week crucial for his recovery.

Derek Carr

Jameis Winston’s Performance:

Jameis Winston assumed the quarterback role in Carr’s absence and delivered a performance that stirred discussions among fans and pundits alike. Completing 13 out of 25 passes for 122 yards, Winston displayed a mix of strengths and weaknesses, throwing two touchdowns and two interceptions. The offense, however, managed to move the ball effectively under his guidance, adding a layer of intrigue to the quarterback conversation.

Dennis Allen’s Response:

Amidst speculation about a potential quarterback change, head coach Dennis Allen quelled any notions of competition for the starting position. In his postgame press conference, Allen was asked whether Jameis Winston’s performance would prompt a reevaluation of the starting quarterback position after the bye week. Allen’s response was clear and concise: “We’ll see where Derek’s (Carr) at. I know we’re not in a competition there. I thought Jameis (Winston) did some good things. But you know, Derek Carr is our starting quarterback.”

Derek Carr

Looking Ahead:

With the Saints heading into their bye week, the timing seems fortuitous for Carr’s recovery and the team’s overall reflection. The break offers an opportunity for the team to regroup, address any lingering concerns, and prepare for a pivotal NFC South matchup against the Atlanta Falcons in Week 12.


As the Saints navigate a temporary quarterback dilemma with Derek Carr‘s injury, the team remains steadfast in their commitment to him as the starting quarterback. While Jameis Winston showcased his abilities during relief duty, the coaching staff was resolute in their stance. The bye week serves as a crucial period for recovery and strategic planning, ensuring the Saints return with a clear vision for the remainder of the season.

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