Derek Carr Remains Saints’ Unwavering Quarterback Amidst Injury Scare, Week 12

In the aftermath of a challenging game against the Vikings, the Saints find themselves addressing the potential need for a quarterback change. Derek Carr, the established starter, endured a severe hit, leading to his early exit and sparking Jameis Winston’s entrance into the game.

Winston’s performance, marked by 13 completions out of 25 attempts for 122 yards, 2 touchdowns, and 2 interceptions, injected vitality into the New Orleans offense, making the game more compelling.

Derek Carr

Derek Carr Remains the Saints

Derek Carr, currently under concussion protocol with no official details on his condition, was spotted post-game in the locker room conversing with Jameis Winston. Adding to the concern, Carr also suffered a right shoulder injury. Fortunately, the Saints’ bye week couldn’t have come at a more opportune moment.

With fans pondering the quarterback situation, Coach Dennis Allen swiftly addressed the speculation during his postgame press conference. When questioned about evaluating the starting position after the bye week in light of Winston’s commendable performance, Allen clarified, “We’ll see where Derek’s (Carr) at. I know we’re not in a competition there. I thought Jameis (Winston) did some good things. But you know, Derek Carr is our starting quarterback.”

Derek Carr

As the Saints take advantage of the bye week to regroup, refocus, and allow crucial players like Carr to recover, they eagerly anticipate a significant NFC South matchup against Atlanta in Week 12.

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