New Hampshire GOP Primary 2024: Trump’s Grip Persists Despite Shifting Voter Demographics

The recent New Hampshire GOP primary unveiled a political landscape distinct from Iowa’s caucuses, presenting a nuanced perspective on the Republican electorate’s preferences. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the key findings from the CNN exit poll, exploring the voters’ sentiments, candidate support, and the underlying factors that shaped the primary dynamics.

#1: New Hampshire: Overview of Voter Demographics

The New Hampshire GOP primary electorate showcased a less uniformly conservative profile compared to Iowa. About two-thirds identified as conservative, with only a quarter describing themselves as very conservative. This contrasted sharply with Iowa, where nearly 9 in 10 voters identified as conservative. Moreover, most voters distanced themselves from the MAGA movement, indicating a diverse Republican base in the state.

New Hampshire

#2: Trump’s Resilience in New Hampshire

Despite New Hampshire not being a traditional stronghold for former President Donald Trump, the majority of GOP primary voters demonstrated a willingness to embrace him over his rival, former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley. Approximately 60% expressed satisfaction with the prospect of Trump as the Republican Party’s nominee, underscoring his enduring appeal.

#3: Voting Patterns and Candidate Support

Registered Republicans overwhelmingly favored Trump, while undeclared (independent) voters leaned towards Haley, albeit with a less overwhelming margin. The educational divide was evident, with non-college graduates supporting Trump and college graduates favoring Haley. Furthermore, Trump’s supporters were more likely to reject the legitimacy of President Joe Biden’s 2020 election win, emphasizing the persistent election denialism among his base.

#4: Decision-Making Dynamics

Trump’s supporters in New Hampshire were characterized by early decision-making, with about three-quarters deciding on their vote more than a month prior. In contrast, Haley’s voters tended to decide later, with a significant proportion attributing their support to distaste for her opponents. This divergence highlights the contrasting levels of enthusiasm between the two candidate bases.

New Hampshire

#5: Key Issues and Attitudes

Economic and immigration concerns dominated the priorities of New Hampshire’s Republican primary voters. Trump supporters favored a tougher stance on immigration and a less active role in world affairs, aligning with the former president’s policies. In contrast, Haley’s voters exhibited more moderate views, advocating for a path to legal status for undocumented immigrants and a more engaged foreign policy.

#6: Perspectives on Social Issues

While both candidate bases opposed a federal law banning most or all abortions, there was a notable difference from Iowa, where a majority supported such a ban. Haley’s backers in New Hampshire exhibited a broader opposition to the idea, shedding light on the nuanced social policy perspectives within the state’s Republican electorate.

New Hampshire


The New Hampshire GOP primary provided a snapshot of a diverse and evolving Republican electorate. Despite demographic shifts and a less conservative profile, Donald Trump’s influence remained substantial, with voters expressing a continued affinity for his policies. As the primary season progresses, these insights will be crucial in understanding the evolving dynamics within the Republican Party. Stay tuned for more updates on the 2024 GOP primaries.

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