2024 New Hampshire Primary: Unraveling the DNC’s Decision, Biden’s Absence, and the Unconventional Race

The 2024 New Hampshire primary is making headlines for all the unconventional reasons, with President Joe Biden notably absent from the Democratic ballot. In this blog post, we delve into the intriguing dynamics behind this situation, exploring the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) controversial decision, Joe Biden’s strategic stance, and the potential impact on the primary race.

2024 New Hampshire Primary:

#1: Democrats Break Tradition

1.1: DNC’s Bold Move

The Democratic Party has broken away from tradition in the 2024 primary season, notably shifting the order of states in the primary schedule. Discover why the DNC chose South Carolina to lead the way, pushing Iowa to March and altering New Hampshire’s historical second-place standing.

1.2: New Hampshire’s Significance

Despite the schedule change, New Hampshire remains a crucial player in early primary elections. Uncover why Democratic officials stress the importance of the state, highlighting its diversity and unique role in reflecting the party and the nation.

New Hampshire

#2: Joe Biden Opts Out

2.1: Biden’s Primary Challengers

With President Joe Biden absent from the New Hampshire Democratic ballot, voters are left with a field of 21 primary challengers. Understand the significance of Joe Biden’s decision not to compete and the potential impact on the electoral outcome.

2.2: DNC vs. New Hampshire

Dive into the contentious dispute between the DNC and New Hampshire over the primary calendar. Learn about the DNC’s decision to penalize the state by stripping it of delegates and Hampshire’s accusations of voter suppression.

2.3: Joe Biden’s Compliance

Explore the Joe Biden campaign’s strategic decision to align with the DNC’s guidance, opting not to compete in the New Hampshire primary. Delve into the letter from Joe Biden’s campaign manager explaining the obligation to comply with party rules.

New Hampshire

#3: The Unconventional Race

3.1: Symbolic Wins

Despite the absence of President Joe Biden, his 21 primary challengers, including Rep. Dean Phillips and author Marianne Williamson, continue to vie for attention. Examine the symbolic nature of a potential win in a state deprived of its delegates.

3.2: Grassroots Write-In Campaign

Uncover the kind-of-unofficial write-in campaign for Joe Biden led by grassroots Democrats in New Hampshire. Learn about the challenges of write-in campaigns and the historical context of such endeavors.

3.3: Unpredictable Outcomes

Explore the unpredictable nature of open primaries in New Hampshire. Where voters not registered with a party can choose their preferred primary ballot. Understand the potential impact of independent voters on the Republican primary and vice versa.

New Hampshire


As the 2024 New Hampshire primary unfolds with unprecedented twists, the political landscape continues to evolve. Stay tuned for updates on this unconventional race. Where the absence of President Joe Biden adds a layer of complexity to the Democratic nomination process.

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