Analyzing Joe Biden’s Absence from the 2024 New Hampshire Primary: What it Means for Democrats

In the lead-up to the 2024 New Hampshire primary, a surprising twist has emerged: President Joe Biden’s name is conspicuously absent from the ballot. This departure from the norm has sparked controversy and raised questions about the potential impact on the upcoming election of 2024. In this blog post, we delve into the details of Joe Biden’s decision, the response from allies, and the broader implications for the Democratic Party.

#1: Historical Context and Joe Biden’s 2020 Campaign

The article opens by revisiting Joe Biden’s 2020 New Hampshire primary experience, where he struggled to secure a strong position and eventually finished fifth in the state. It highlights key moments from that campaign, such as Joe Biden’s plea to New Hampshire voters for support and his subsequent decision to skip the campaign party.

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#2: Why Isn’t Joe Biden on the 2024 Ballot?

The primary focus shifts to the current situation, explaining why Joe Biden’s name is not on the 2024 New Hampshire primary ballot. It details the efforts by Joe Biden and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to alter the primary schedule, moving New Hampshire down in favor of South Carolina. The refusal of New Hampshire to comply with the DNC’s plan led to Joe Biden’s campaign opting out of the state’s primary.

#3: Write-In Campaign and Democratic Response

The blog post explores the response from Joe Biden’s allies in New Hampshire, who are spearheading a write-in campaign to ensure the President’s presence in the primary. The article delves into the sentiments of key figures, such as former DNC Vice Chair Michael Blake and New Hampshire Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan, who criticize the DNC’s decision and emphasize the significance of unity against potential Republican nominee Donald Trump.

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# 4: What Joe Biden’s Absence Means for the Primary

Analyzing the potential consequences, the blog post discusses the challenges and contradictions that the New Hampshire primary presents for Biden. Despite his absence not affecting his eligibility for the Democratic nomination, there are concerns about the impact on his overall standing, especially considering his age and the threat of a Trump comeback.

#5: Historical Parallels and the Risk of a Write-In Campaign

Drawing parallels to historical instances, such as Lyndon Johnson’s write-in option in the 1968 New Hampshire primary, the article explores the risks associated with large-scale write-in campaigns. It evaluates the chances of success for Biden in New Hampshire and the potential influence of voters who previously did not support him during the 2020 primary.

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In the concluding section, the blog post summarizes the key points discussed and emphasizes the importance of the 2024 election for Democrats. It touches on the potential outcomes of Biden’s absence on the New Hampshire ballot and the broader implications for the Democratic Party.

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