NFL Power Rankings Week: All 32 teams stack up?

The big game in NFL Week 14 in terms of our NFL Power Rankings was the clash between last week’s #3 and #4 teams in Dallas. The impressive win for the Cowboys sees them jumping up to #2 this week, with former chart-toppers the Eagles falling to #3. We also have a change in the last place after the Patriots decided they didn’t like being #32 and rose from the grave to beat the Steelers.

You can check out our NFL Power Rankings Week 15 predictions and look at the NFL odds any time you like, but now, let’s get to this week’s NFL Power rankings.

List of NFL Power Rankings for Week:

#1 San Francisco 49ers Secure Playoff Spot:

The 49ers clinched the first NFL playoff spot this season with a chance to grab the NFC West title. They’re on a 5-game winning streak, becoming Super Bowl favorites at +260 odds.

#2 Dallas Cowboys Take NFC East Lead:

The Cowboys rise to #2 after a decisive 33-13 win over the Eagles, claiming the top spot in the NFC East. They stand at +850 odds for the Super Bowl.

NFL Power Ranking

#3 Baltimore Ravens Maintain AFC North Lead:

Despite a close win, the Ravens maintain a 2-game lead in the AFC North. Their challenging schedule makes them +240 favorites to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl.

#4 Buffalo Bills in Playoff Contention:

The Bills, currently 11th in AFC playoff rankings, stay in the mix at 7-6. Sportsbooks favor them at +1800 odds for the Super Bowl.

#5 Philadelphia Eagles Face Setback:

The Eagles drop to #5 after back-to-back losses. Their Super Bowl odds slip to +750, facing a challenging schedule ahead.

#6 Kansas City Chiefs Controversy:

The Chiefs, despite recent struggles, maintain their position. Off-field controversies surround their recent games.

NFL Power Ranking

#7 Denver Broncos Closing In:

The Broncos trail the Chiefs by a game in the AFC West, with +900 odds to win the division.

#8 Miami Dolphins Face Challenges:

The Dolphins’ stunning loss and injuries raise concerns, impacting their Super Bowl aspirations. Tough matchups await in the final stretch.

#9 Los Angeles Rams Rise Despite Loss:

The Rams move up, showing promise despite a loss. Recent victories over strong opponents justify their climb.

#10 Cleveland Browns Overcome Injuries:

The Browns, facing quarterback challenges, secure victories. Despite injuries, they remain competitive with a 4th and 5th-choice offensive tackle.

#11 Cincinnati Bengals Show Resilience:

The Bengals move up after an impressive win under Jake Browning, displaying resilience despite being last in the AFC North.

NFL Power Ranking

#12 Detroit Lions Face Challenges:

The Lions’ recent loss opens opportunities for others. Their upcoming schedule poses challenges in the playoff race.

#13 Jacksonville Jaguars Show Promise:

The Jaguars move up despite a loss, with Trevor Lawrence returning. Challenges lie ahead, but they maintain momentum.

#14 Seattle Seahawks Face Tough Streak:

The Seahawks move up despite a losing streak, facing strong opponents. The return of Geno Smith adds optimism.

#15 Green Bay Packers Struggle:

The Packers’ recent loss puts them at 6-7, with challenges ahead. Playoff hopes dim as they drop in rankings.

#16 Houston Texans Encounter Setback:

The Texans face a setback with a heavy loss and key injuries. Their prospects decline as the season progresses.

#17 Tennessee Titans Surprise Win:

The Titans stun with an unexpected win over the Dolphins, breaking a 0-6 road record.

#18 Indianapolis Colts Snap Losing Streak:

The Colts snap a 4-game losing streak, remaining in the AFC playoff mix with a softer schedule.

#19 Minnesota Vikings Grind Out a Win:

The Vikings secure a narrow win against the Raiders, with potential quarterback changes on the horizon.

#20 Arizona Cardinals Benefit from Rest:

The Cardinals move up with a week off, observing struggles among competitors. Challenges return against the 49ers.

NFL Power Ranking

#21 Pittsburgh Steelers Face Struggles:

The Steelers struggle with offensive woes, facing challenges after firing their OC.

#22 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Claim Division Lead:

The Buccaneers lead the NFC South after consecutive wins, albeit in a weak division. Playoffs may feature matchups against stronger teams.

#23 Los Angeles Chargers Disappoint:

The Chargers disappoint as one of the most underwhelming teams, losing key players to injuries.

#24 Chicago Bears Find Late Form:

The Bears find form late in the season, winning three of their last four. Justin Fields showcases progress.

#25 New Orleans Saints Bounce Back:

The Saints rebound with a win over the Panthers, facing challenges against the Giants.

#26 New York Giants on the Rise:

The Giants climb after a Monday triumph, securing their third straight win. They face the Saints as underdogs.

#27 Atlanta Falcons Seek Redemption:

Despite a close loss to the Bucs, the Falcons aim for redemption against the Panthers.

#28 New York Jets Revive with Zach Wilson:

The Jets secure a win after reinstating Zach Wilson, escaping the bottom tier with a chance against the Dolphins.

#29 Las Vegas Raiders Face Losing Streak:

The Raiders endure a three-game losing streak but remain favorites against the stumbling Chargers.

#30 New England Patriots Resurge:

The Patriots rise after beating the Steelers, showcasing a surprising turnaround in a tumultuous week.

NFL Power Ranking

#31 Washington Commanders Drop:

The Commanders slip in rankings after a week off, facing challenges with recent wins by the Patriots and Jets.

#32 Carolina Panthers Struggle in 32nd Spot:

The Panthers fall to the 32nd spot after a poor performance, aiming to avoid a third straight divisional loss against the Falcons.

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