Top 20 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels in USA

Top 10 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels in the USA: In a surprising turn of events, MrBeast has recently dethroned PewDiePie as the most-subscribed YouTuber, marking the first leadership change in a decade. With 116 million subscribers, MrBeast’s rise to the top spot reflects the dynamic nature of YouTube and the ever-expanding influence of content creators. Let’s delve into the evolution of YouTube subscriptions and explore the top influencers shaping the platform.

The Early Years:

Back in 2006, Judson Laipply was the first individual to hold the coveted title of the most subscribed YouTube Channels, with a mere few thousand subscribers. Fast forward to today, and the landscape has dramatically transformed, with individual creators boasting millions and even billions of followers.

Most Subscribed YouTube Channels

Current Leaderboard:

As of December 2022, MrBeast leads the pack with 116 million subscribers, followed closely by PewDiePie with 111 million. The celebration of MrBeast’s milestone involved giving away a private island, showcasing the grand gestures that contribute to his growing popularity.

The Business of Influence:

Being a YouTube influencer has become a big business, with top creators like MrBeast amassing substantial wealth. Jimmy Donaldson, the mastermind behind MrBeast, boasts a net worth estimated at around $500 million, underlining the lucrative nature of online influence.

Top 30 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels

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Most Subscribed YouTube Channels

Top 20 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels in the USA:

To gain a comprehensive view of YouTube’s influencer landscape, let’s explore the top 10 most subscribed YouTube Channels:

#1 MrBeast:

  • Jimmy Donaldson started MrBeast in 2012 at the age of 13.
  • Boasts multiple channels, including Beast Reacts, MrBeast 2, Beast Philanthropy, and MrBeast Gaming.
  • Known for elaborate stunts, charity donations, and cash giveaways.

#2 PewDiePie:

  • Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg created PewDiePie in 2010.
  • Held the most-subscribed position for nearly a decade.
  • Known for diverse content, including gaming, comedy, commentary, and music.

#3 Like Nastya:

  • Anastasia Sergeyevna Radzinskaya, born in 2014, is one of the youngest influencers.
  • Focuses on educational entertainment and vlogging for children.

#4 Justin Bieber:

  • Canadian artist Justin Bieber joined YouTube in 2007.
  • Leveraged the platform to gain mainstream attention and signed a recording contract in 2008.

#5 Marshmello:

  • American music artist and DJ Christopher Comstock, known as Marshmello, joined YouTube in 2015.
  • Initially kept his identity hidden under a helmet.
  • Popular for music and lyric videos, cooking content, how-tos, vlogs, and films.

#6 EminemMusic:

  • Eminem (Marshall Bruce Mathers III) is an American rapper who joined YouTube in 2007.
  • Known for posting music and promotional content.

#7 Ed Sheeran:

  • UK artist Ed Sheeran joined YouTube in 2006.
  • Started gaining traction in 2017, with a focus on music content.

#8 Ariana Grande:

  • American artist and actress Ariana Grande joined YouTube in 2007.
  • Initially gained attention through cover songs and later became a highly successful music artist.

#9 Taylor Swift:

  • American artist Taylor Swift joined YouTube in pursuit of her music career.
  • Utilizes the platform for music and personal life content.

#10 JuegaGerman:

  • Chilean Germán Alejandro Garmendia Aranis, aka JuegaGerman, produces comedy and Let’s Play videos in Spanish.
  • Boasted the second most subscribed YouTube channel behind PewDiePie during 2015-2017.


The YouTube landscape continues to evolve, with influencers from diverse backgrounds capturing the attention of millions. As the platform remains integral to music artists and content creators, the top 10 most subscribed YouTube channels showcase the range of content that resonates with audiences worldwide. The era of YouTube influencers as celebrities is firmly established, ushering in a new age of digital stardom.

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