Microsoft’s New Windows 11 Voice Clarity Feature: Enhance Your Virtual Meetings

Voice Clarity

Microsoft is introducing Voice Clarity, an AI-powered feature for Windows 11, aiming to revolutionize online meetings by eliminating echoes, suppressing background noise, and reducing reverberations in real time. This AI-powered feature is currently being tested in a new Canary build for Windows 11. Unlocking the Potential on a Range of Devices: Voice Clarity, a feature … Read more

Unveiling Microsoft’s Copilot AI Assistant: Game-Changer in the AI Landscape

Copilot AI

In a groundbreaking move, Microsoft has officially launched the consumer version of its highly anticipated AI assistant, Copilot AI. The company is not only extending its services to individual consumers but is also making the corporate version accessible to smaller companies. This strategic decision aims to broaden the user base and foster widespread adoption of … Read more