How Much Paramedic Salary In California?

Do you know How Much a Paramedic Salary is In California? Paramedics provide care in emergency settings to the sick and injured. In the case, of an accident or disaster, the victims seek medical attention that matters. Time plays a huge role during such situations.

They need the skills and training to save lives, deal with dangerous illnesses, and provide basic life support during emergencies. Moreover, a second delay can lead to serious implications. Paramedics work indoors as well as outdoors. Moreover, their work is very strenuous. If you want to know about the paramedic salary in California, you have got to know what they do, Find out in this article!

Paramedic Salary

What Does A Paramedic Do?

Paramedics are tasked with pre-medical care. Emergency medical technicians also provide similar services. In addition to what EMTs do, paramedics can also give medicines. They are also able to give intravenous medications and read EEGs. Additionally, they can also read the reports generated by complex medical equipment.

You ought to know about the tasks that paramedics perform. They are:

  • They respond to 911 emergency calls that include cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
  • Paramedics can also assess the patient’s condition and determine the course of treatment.
  • Paramedics are trained under physicians and know exactly what to do in emergencies.
  • They keep restraints handy to keep patients still and safe.
  • They also help transfer patients to the emergency care division at hospitals.
  • They can also create patient reports and document the occurrences.
  • If the patient has a contagious disease, then paramedics clean and sanitize the interiors of the ambulance and inform the necessary authorities.
Paramedic Salary

How Long Does it Take To Become A Paramedic?

Paramedics have the most advanced training. They complete the basic as well as advanced EMT level, after which they qualify for a paramedic’s position. Moreover, paramedics need at least 1,300 hours of training, before they can start practice. Under more advanced situations, they may also stitch wounds. Now, the question arises, as to how much they make. Are they happy? Well, paramedics in California are an important part of the pre-hospital medicine category. They can live well on the salary they make. However, a lot depends on the location, experience, certification, and overtime hours.

Paramedic Salary California

The paramedics make around $50,841 on average. The paramedic salary in California ranges between $45,739 and $57,065. The numbers may vary from one county to another. The national average is around $20 per hour. You will be amazed to know that firefighters in California are also paramedics. They are trained in both firefighting and paramedic care. If you want to know if the lifestyle will suit you, think again.

The lifestyle depends on various factors. It not only depends on the money that one makes. It is equally reliant on how one spends the money. Some of the states that pay the most are New York, Washington, New Hampshire, and Hawaii.

Paramedic Salary

Some people wonder, why the average is so low. The salary depends on who you work for, and where you work. Most paramedics work for ambulances and private companies. Moreover, these are the lowest-paying employers. The paramedics spend an astounding 1,300-1,800 hours in training. However, it is lower than that of nurses and other medical professionals. Moreover, the private companies where paramedics work, squeeze out the profits in more ways than one. They get fewer chances for career advancement as well. That is one of the reasons behind the low pay. That is one reason, why many candidates shy away from the profession and study to become a nurse at the least.

However, they work in dynamic settings, when no two workdays are similar. No monotony affects other jobs. It can create the foothold for more competitive careers like that of a firefighter.

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