How to Become an Insurance Agent in California

An insurance agent is a lucrative career that offers steady income and is in high demand. To become a new insurance agent in California, follow these steps to secure a stable and lucrative career.

insurance agent in California

How to Become an Insurance Agent in California

In California, becoming an insurance agent requires a comprehensive understanding of insurance laws and principles. Students must take courses from both colleges and agencies, participate in training seminars, and practice practicals to become licensed agents, ensuring they adhere to the necessary regulations.

Requirements to Become an Insurance Agent

California insurance agents must meet specific requirements to become licensed. These include taking and passing an examination, a certain amount of work experience, and passing a criminal background check. For insurance agents in California, the legal requirements for being an agent include getting a license and training. To receive your license, you must be over 18 years old and have either a bachelor’s Degree or equivalent. For those interested in becoming an agent with an insurance company, you will need to do a lot of on-the-job training.

In California, becoming an insurance agent is a crucial role that requires a thorough understanding of the insurance industry and the application process.

Required Certifications

Insurance agents must be certified to sell life insurance, property, and casualty insurance. First, a state-approved training course is required. For life insurance certification, the candidate needs to complete two exams and pass two other subtests to receive certification. An insurance agent is responsible for ensuring that their clients receive the best possible insurance coverage.

Pass Your Licensing Exam

In California, becoming an insurance agent requires passing the licensing exam at Pearson VUE testing centers. The CA Department of Insurance website offers exam vouchers. To purchase, visit the testing center with photo identification, cash, and a pencil or pen for answer sheet filling. The exam is offered four times a year.

Follow this step to complete your insurance course:- 

  1. In California, insurance is a crucial industry, and completing the California Pre-licensing Insurance Course is a prerequisite for obtaining a Certificate of Course Completion.
Pre-Licensing CourseCredit Hours of Insurance Course
Life, Accident & Health52Hrs
Accident & Health32Hrs
  1. Pass the California Insurance License Exam- After you have completed your pre-licensing insurance course, you will need to register with PSI Services to take your state insurance exam.
ExamExam TimeScored QuestionsPre-Test QuestionsTotal Questions
Life1Hr 5min75580 Min
Accident & Health1Hr 5min75580 Min

Tips for Success in the Insurance Industry

A successful insurance agent in California requires licensing from the Department of Insurance, market research, and cold calls. Understanding personal finance is crucial for client acquisition and retention. Being prepared to make cold calls and research the market is essential for success in the insurance industry.


Insurance agents play a crucial role in the insurance industry, with various types available. It’s essential to determine your desired agent type before pursuing certification programs or licensing. Ultimately, finding a company that will ensure your success is crucial for all agents.

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