How To Pass the California Driving Test?

When you are living in California permanently or on a long holiday, driving is a must thing. Moreover, it will be very difficult to travel without personal transport. Hence, you must learn to drive. Like in other countries, you need to pass the California driving test here too. We present over here the required steps for a successful test in the state.

Many parents are not ready to hand over the keys of the car to the kids or the teens. They make sure that the child is old enough for responsible driving on the roads of the US. However, the standards of the California driving tests are not the same throughout the country. Hence, before applying for the exam, you need to have some idea concerning the difficulty level. As per the list of complicated driving lessons, California comes at number 15. So, the test will be an average one.

Learn from the experiences of the past learners and achieve your goals quickly. You cannot obtain a driving license from the Government without passing the test. Therefore, to drive a car or bike on California roads, taking driving lessons is mandatory.

Passing Conditions For Driving Test In California

It may not be practical to think that every person will be 100% correct while appearing for the California driving test. After all, this is the reason why driving skills differ from one person to another.

During the whole test drive, the examiner will maintain a scorecard. A maximum of 15 mistakes is permissible. The final result will still be in your favor. When a mistake does not account for a too serious problem, you will end up losing one point. However, if you commit any mistake leading to a severe safety issue, the examiner will fail you. Let us give you an example in this regard to make things simpler.

Suppose, a candidate shifts to a different lane suddenly without checking whether the road ahead is safe and clear. It is a wrong process altogether. Such activities can be accident-prone and even take someone’s life. Therefore, the examiner will not allow such a candidate to qualify for the test. Further, the person cannot give a retest. So, safety is the priority when you sit for the driving examination. It is the basic rule for calculating the overall driving test results in California.

California driving test

Another condition that can make you fail is driving very slowly. A candidate can pass the test without any doubt if he or she is positive and not an unnecessary risk-taker. However, negative results also await the too-slow drivers. Such an action makes the examiner believe that the concerned person is unaware of the speed limit. Therefore, these people will not be suitable to drive in California.

Best Time To Give The California Driving Test

Of course, there is no limitation and rules for the timings of the California driving test. The matter is completely in your hands. According to the trend, the examiners found out that people giving tests in the evening (7-9 p.m.) are more likely to pass. On the other hand, the pass rates are not so much during the daytime (i.e. 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.). On top of that, the best performances came out for the newbies around 7 and 8 p.m.

Check the availability of the DVLA and select slots for giving the tests of driving. Please go through the concerned website frequently for updates. You can book a slot only if the date is available. Some may feel that crossing arms can be a negative mark on the driving test report card. But that is not true. It reflects the knowledge of your training sessions. Furthermore, the pull-push method will cause you to have a firm grip on the steering.

So, be confident and enroll your name for the driving lessons. Once the course is complete, you need to pass the test to obtain a driving license in California.

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