Dez on Martavis Bryant Tryout: Evaluating the Fit for the Dallas Cowboys

Dez on Martavis Bryant: As the Dallas Cowboys strive to maintain competitiveness against teams boasting multiple top-tier receivers and star tight ends, the need for enhanced offensive firepower has become evident in Coach Mike McCarthy’s game plan.

Despite CeeDee Lamb’s stellar performance against the Philadelphia Eagles, where he showcased his star receiver status with 11 receptions for 191 yards, the Dallas Cowboys fell short, losing 28-23. Brandin Cooks and Michael Gallup combined for a mere three catches and 26 yards in that game, underscoring the team’s need for additional offensive weapons.

Martavis Bryant

Dallas Cowboys: Dez on Martavis Bryant Tryout

Brandin Cooks, a seasoned receiver with six 1,000-yard seasons, has had a lackluster start with 17 catches for 165 yards in his first seven games with the Dallas Cowboys. Gallup’s productivity has also been inconsistent, with 22 catches for 243 yards in eight games this season.

With the trade deadline behind them, the Dallas Cowboys are exploring unconventional options to bolster their receiving corps for quarterback Dak Prescott. Enter Martavis Bryant, a veteran receiver who will undergo a workout on Tuesday after being reinstated by Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Martavis Bryant

Once considered a promising young talent, Martavis Bryant, a fourth-round pick by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2014, had an impressive 2015 season with 50 catches for 765 yards. However, a suspension in 2016 and a hiatus from the NFL since 2018 raise questions about his potential impact. Having had stints in the CFL and XFL, signing Bryant now is akin to hoping for lightning in a bottle, similar to the gamble taken on Josh Gordon’s talent by multiple teams.

While signing Martavis Bryant to the practice squad may be a viable option, expecting him to evolve into a reliable complement to Lamb appears unrealistic. At 6-foot-4 and 210 pounds, Bryant could offer an instant red zone threat, but banking on him to be a consistent force might be wishful thinking.

Interestingly, former Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant, unrelated to Martavis Bryant, has endorsed the idea. Responding to a tweet by Mike Fisher, Dez expressed support, stating, “Yea Yea Yea He (is) Him.”

Martavis Bryant


In conclusion, the Dallas Cowboys’ potential signing of Martavis Bryant raises intriguing possibilities for the team’s offensive dynamics. Whether he becomes a valuable asset or merely a rotational pass catcher remains to be seen, but the Tuesday workout could provide valuable insights into his potential impact on the Dallas Cowboys’ pursuit of offensive prowess.

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