California Community Colleges have dorms

Community college dorms in California are well-respected institutions that offer a variety of educational programs and courses that can lead to jobs and careers. In response, community college dorms have become increasingly popular as students want to be close to the campus of their choice. This article shares information about the most popular community college dorms in California.


What is California Community Colleges?

A California Community College is a public institution that offers higher education to students without the expense and time commitment of a four-year university. There are more than 130 community colleges in California, most serving large urban areas. They provide affordable education, career training, and skill-building for people who may not have time for classes or can’t afford to attend.

Which community colleges have dorms?

Some community colleges offer on-campus living options. You might have to pay extra for the housing, but it’s a great way to be close to campus and save some money in the process. Here are some California community colleges that offer dorms on campus.

Some community colleges offer on-campus living options. You might have to pay extra for the housing, but it’s a great way to be close to In a recent study that was conducted on California Community Colleges, it was found that about 24 percent of them offer dorms for their students. Some community colleges in the state, such as Loma Linda University, offer free lodging and food benefits to their students. The average price of living on campus at a community college is $7,000 per year.

List of some colleges with dorms facilities:-

  1. College of the RedwoodsCollege of the Redwoods (CR) is a public two-year college based in California offering affordable and high quality education.
  2. College of the Siskiyous – College of the Siskiyous is a community college with campuses in Weed and Yreka. The following are some of the benefits you will receive while attending one of their locations.
  3. Columbia College – Columbia College is a public community college established in 1968 in Sonora, California. They dropped the word “junior” from their name in 1978.
  4. Cerro Coso Community College – Mammoth Campus- Cerro Coso Community college is a public community college in the East Sierra region of Southern California, established in 1973.
  5. Feather River College – Feather River College is located in the city of Quincy, CA. Currently, they have an enrolled student body size of 1,500.
  6. Lassen Community College – Lassen Community College was founded in 1931 and is located in Susanville, California.
  7. Reedley College – Reedley College is a public community college in Reedley, California and a member of the California Community Colleges system within the SCCCD.
  8. Shasta College – Shasta College is a community college located in Redding, California. It was founded in 1950, and Shasta High School rebuilt on the original location which used to be the college campus.
  9. Sierra College – Sierra College is a public community college located in Rocklin, California. The school serves over 3,200 miles (5,200 km) and covers parts of Placer, Nevada and El Dorado and Sacramento Counties.
  10. Taft College – The Taft College, a community college in Taft, California, is a member of the California Community Colleges system.

Benefits of living in a dorm

If you are planning on living in dorms your first year, you will want to factor in some extra costs. What are the benefits of living in a dorm? Some of the benefits include being close to friends, having fun, and being able to graduate sooner.

Pros and Cons of living in a dorm vs. living off-campus

Living in a dorm is the most convenient option for college students that have to go to school close to home. These dorms provide clean and safe accommodations, and they are usually very affordable. There are also many activities available on campus that students can participate in without having to worry about transportation costs or anything else.


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