How Many Weeks of Abortion is Legal in California?

Some misconceptions about abortion lead to confusion. One of the most debated topics is when abortion becomes illegal. In California, it is a crime to perform or induce an after 28 weeks of pregnancy only because the fetus becomes viable during this period.

What is an abortion? 

Is a type of medical procedure that terminates a pregnancy. Can be performed in the first 24 weeks of pregnancy, but it becomes illegal after the 28-week mark.

When an abortion occurs during the first 24 weeks, it is known as early termination and is legal in California. When an abortion happens after 28 weeks, it is called late termination and is illegal in California unless there are extenuating circumstances such as rape or incest. This means that a woman can terminate her pregnancy up to two months before giving birth.

How Many Weeks of Abortion is Legal in California?

In California, the law states that an is legal up until 24-28 weeks of pregnancy. This means that if you’re pregnant and have your procedure after 24 weeks, it’s still legal.

California has some of the most progressive abortion laws, in that women have the right to end their pregnancies until a fetus is deemed viable. A typical gestation period for a human begins at conception and ends 28 weeks later. A fetus typically weighs around 1.1 pounds (500 grams) once it is considered viable at between 24-28 weeks after day one of your last menstrual period.

If you’re under the age of 18 years old, California law requires that you sign a consent form and have written permission from one or both of your parents or guardians.

Does California law ban abortion rights?

In California, women have the fundamental right to terminate their pregnancies. There are limitations on reproductive freedom and abortion access in California as well, but these limitations exist for a good reason to help promote human rights.

The right to abortion care in the state is absolute in 2 cases. These are when:

  • The embryo is not yet viable, or
  • To protect the mother’s life or health.

In addition, only qualified medical professionals are allowed to end a pregnancy. This is true even if the fetus is viable and has a chance of survival.

Rights are more important and universally protected in California, even though some other parts of the country have differing views on them. In 1973 the US Supreme Court ruled that women have a constitutional right to have an abortion, but that does not mean it is absolute law. And by state legislatures with appropriate rules, limits can be placed on where take place and who can provide them.

Who is allowed to have an abortion?

Not all medical professionals in California can provide a surgical. They should have a valid medical license. Otherwise, their license will be canceled or suspended and it will be treated as illegal.

Drug-induced can only be provided by certified healthcare providers, including:

  • Nurse-midwives
  • Nurse practitioners
  • Physician’s assistants
  • Licensed nurses

What are some of the misconceptions about abortion?

A misconception is that abortion becomes illegal after a few weeks. it is not true. Abortion can be performed or induced in California up to the 24-28 week mark, which is when a fetus is no longer viable. Some misconceptions about lead to confusion. One of the most debated topics is when becomes illegal. In California, it is only a crime to abort or induce an after 28 weeks of pregnancy.


Many people think that is illegal in California and that it is illegal across the United States. However, this is not the case. Abortion is legal in California for an to be performed within the first 24-28 weeks of pregnancy.

A can be performed later than 28 weeks, but it will be up to the doctor’s discretion if they feel it is in the best interest of the woman. It is important to understand that is legal and safe and allows women to control their reproductive rights.

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