Would Grant Gustin Ever Want to Do a Glee Reboot? He Says …

Would Grant Gustin Ever Want to Do a Glee Reboot? He Says …

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It seems like it’s time to get the band back together– or rather, the a cappella group.

Grant Gustin is presently in the procedure of biding farewell to The Flash after 9 years, however he’s all set to state hi once again to the program that began all of it for him: Glee

” That was a few of the most enjoyable I’ve ever had,” he solely informed E! News, keeping in mind that he ‘d be open to a reboot of the Ryan Murphy program. “So, I would undoubtedly, I would enjoy it.”

As the atrocious Sebastian Smythe in seasons 3 through 5 on the Fox series– which ended after 6 seasons in 2015– Gustin never ever stopped thinking while starring along with Darren Criss, Chris Colfer and Naya Rivera

” My very first television task was Glee and I keep in mind Darren Criss discussing where it’s going,” he remembered. “He’s like, ‘it’s a 20- episode season and they might choose in the ninth episode that you end up being a monster. And now I’m a monster.’ You never ever understand.”

So what did you miss on Glee? Gustin’s efficiencies of “Live While We’re Young,” “Stand,” “Glad You Came” and “Smooth Criminal.”

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” I was quite a visitor on Glee and I was simply delighted to be there in any capability and extremely anxious every hour that I invested there even if it was frustrating to browse and see the skill and simply be on television,” he confessed. “So, if they did desire me and even kept in mind that I was on the program and believed to welcome me, I would be honored.”

Don’t miss out on Grant Gustin’s last serve as The Flash, Wednesdays on The CW.

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