What Blonde Made Up About Marilyn Monroe’s Life

What Blonde Made Up About Marilyn Monroe’s Life

Ana de Armas REACTS to NC-17 Rating for Blonde Movie

If you think Blonde, Marilyn Monroe never ever had a minute’s joy in her all-too-short life.

Not that you must think Blonde, including a Golden Globe-, SAG Award- and Oscar-nominated efficiency by Ana de Armas as the terrible bombshell. It’s based upon a prolonged 2000 book of the exact same name by Joyce Carole Oates, who explained the work as “a significantly distilled ‘life’ in the type of fiction.”

Meaning, though it definitely draws from real, well-chronicled occasions, much of them captured on cam, Blonde is not a biopic.

” It’s a dream movie about Marilyn Monroe,” writer-director Andrew Dominik discussed in a Netflix interview. “It’s about the image as much as the individual. She’s facing, and we’re facing, the image of her life.”

It’s not likely anybody is taking a seat nowadays to view or check out Monroe anticipating a feel-good story. Blonde is injury on parade, the scaries of her life cranked up to 11 as the movie plumbs the methods the regularly underrated starlet was made use of, breached and abused while all at once ending up being one of the most long-lasting stars in Hollywood history

But such was the point the source product was attempting to make.

” Dominik has actually caught the disjointed and distorted imaginary truth of the unique with an unflinching feminist eye– absolutely nothing nostalgic here, absolutely nothing ‘feel great,'” Oates composed in an essay consisted of with Blonde‘s production notes, “however something far more important, and deserving of regard in the huge cumulative mind of pop culture: a real, raw, painfully truthful being, an exposed soul, not a pop star performer however among us, changed.”


Knowing she had not registered for a fairy tale, De Armas called getting to play Monroe “a present,” informing The Hollywood Reporter at the 2022 Venice Film Festival, ” She was all I thought of. She was all I dreamed about. She was all I might discuss. She was with me. And it was stunning.”

And to her credit, Monroe is definitely all we might consider also after enjoying Blonde. Here we’ve untangled the genuine from the “drastically distilled.”

( Warning: Some movie spoilers ahead.)

Did Marilyn Monroe Ever Know Who Her Father Was?

Blonde: The open injury in Marilyn Monroe’s life is her daddy’s lack. Norma Jeane Mortensen‘s soon-to-be-institutionalized mom Gladys Baker(played by Julianne Nicholson) informs her that her father is an effective male in the movie service. The star is never ever able to delight in viewing her movies for worry this guy– whoever he is– would error his child for the bombshell on screen. She likewise breathily calls other halves Joe DiMaggio and Arthur Miller “daddy,” her tone diverting in between intimate love and deception, her go-to state being a little woman desperate for love and approval.

Once she’s a full-fledged motion picture star, she begins getting letters from somebody declaring to be her daddy. Discovering that a person of her previous fans was sending out the letters the whole time is a last blow as her life skids to its early end on Aug. 4, 1962


Real life: On a favorable note, the vicious ploy was a development. the screen siren never ever did understand for sure who her daddy was, and she definitely had no relationship with him.

As seen in the movie, Baker truly did provide her child a picture of a good-looking male who looked like Clark Gable and informed her he was her dad. She would not share his name.

Baker’s very first partner was Jasper Baker, who removed with their 2 kids, Robert and Berniece, after she declared divorce in1921 (Berniece, who passed away in 2014, composed the 1994 book My Sister Marilyn) Monroe was likewise called Norma Jean Baker ( she chose to spell her middle name without any “e”)– however the guy noted as Norma’s dad on her birth certificate was Baker’s 2nd hubby, Edward Mortensen

The male in the picture, on the other hand, was Charles Stanley Gifford, the not-quite-divorced night manager Baker initially fulfilled in 1923 while working as an unfavorable cutter at Consolidated Film Industries.

Baker wed Mortensen, who provided stability, in 1924 however left him after 4 months. She resumed her affair with Gifford in May1925 That relationship was over by Christmas, and the following June, Baker put her days-old child in the care of next-door neighbors and went back to work. (Mortensen and Baker separated in 1928 and he passed away in an auto accident the list below year.)


It’s uncertain simply how Monroe found Gifford’s presence. Per Anthony Summers‘ 1985 book Goddess: The Secret Lives of Marilyn Monroe, the starlet drove out towards Palm Springs with chatter writer Sidney Skolsky in 1950, informing him they were going to visit her papa. They parked near a farmhouse. When Monroe returned to the automobile, Skolsky remembered, she informed him her ” son-of-a-bitch” dad had actually stated to her, “Listen, Marilyn, I’m married, I have kids. I do not desire any difficulty.”

And yet Skolsky could not state for sure whether she had actually spoken to any person. Various good friends had actually heard Monroe state various aspects of her daddy for many years, consisting of that he was dead. Keith Badman‘s The Final Years of Marilyn Monroe states her heading out to Palm Springs with her drama coach, Natasha Lytess, and Lytess stating that Monroe called her supposed papa from the roadway, which’s when he informed her he had a household and could not see her– however he would call her.

In truth, per Summers, 2 weeks after their trip, Skolsky began to state his experience with Monroe and Lytess stopped him to state she ‘d had the very same experience.

Monroe didn’t speak with Gifford till 1961 when she was hospitalized after shooting The Misfits Per Badman, he sent out a get-well card signed, “From the guy you attempted to see almost 10 years earlier, God forgive me.”

In early 1962, Monroe got a call from a nurse who informed her that her daddy had actually suffered a cardiac arrest and truly wished to see her. Monroe notified the lady calling that she had actually never ever fulfilled the guy in concern and he was complimentary to call her legal representative. She communicated the encounter to the psychiatrist she was seeing in the last year of her life, Dr. Ralph Greenson, explaining her life as an “out of control mess.”

Gifford passed away in1965 According to findings provided in the 2022 documentary Marilyn, Her Final Secret, a DNA sample from his great-grandchild evaluated versus a hair removed of Monroe’s body prior to she was embalmed exposed that Gifford actually was Monroe’s dad


Did Marilyn Monroe’s Mother Try to Kill Her?

Blonde: Among different indication, including her misconception that Norma’s daddy is a Hollywood magnate who lives up in the hills, Gladys– who blames the kid for her dad abandoning them– attacks her. The kid goes to a next-door neighbor’s house, her mom is eliminated to a psychological health center, and the next-door neighbor ultimately dropped Norma off at an orphanage.

Real life: Norma and her mom coped with Albert and Ida Bolender, the couple who took her in as an baby, for nearly 7 years, which permitted Baker the liberty to be able to work and conserve some cash. In 1933 she purchased a house in Hollywood and she and her child relocated, leasing the upstairs to a British couple. Baker was progressively pestered by anxiety and hallucinations and assaulted her buddy Grace McKee with a knife in January 1935– weeks after Norma informed her mom that their male occupant upstairs had actually attempted to molest her.

Baker, who passed away in 1984 at the age of 81, was institutionalised and would remain in and out of psychiatric medical facilities for the next 30 years. Norma eventually ended up being a ward of the state.

Was Marilyn Monroe Really in a Throuple with Charlie Chaplin Jr. and Edward G. Robinson Jr.?

Blonde: Monroe ends up being the meat in a screen-legend-scion sandwich, palling around (and sleeping with) the pretty-boy kids of Charlie Chaplin and Edward G. Robinson, who she satisfies in an acting class.

As played by Xavier Samuel and Evan Williams, Cass and Eddy are strangely similar-looking and constantly entertained by the entire Hollywood-celebrity thing Feeling comprehended by these 2 lost souls who matured with whatever however resent their dads to no end, Marilyn even succumbs to Cass and initially she’s over the moon to be pregnant with his kid. She eventually selects a film function over having the child, to her long lasting remorse.

Real life: The hazardous threesome was fiction, however Monroe did have a relationship with Charlie Jr.– and another with Eddy, according to her long time good friend Arthur James

Matt Kennedy

Her love with young Chaplin ended when he discovered Monroe tucked into bed with his bro Sydney, however they stayed buddies for the rest of her life, James informed Goddess author Summers

She satisfied Robinson through Chaplin, James stated, and they had a fling while she was making 1953’s Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and he was attempting to make it as a star. (A couple of years later on Robinson was a cowboy in her film Bus Stop and the assassin hiding in the cake in Some Like It Hot)

” We 3 guys were a sort of trio,” James remembered, “and Marilyn saw all of us periodically, together or individually, for the rest of her life. They were all depressive, Marilyn, Charlie and Eddy, and they would hunt each other down when things were bad … But Charlie and Eddy were self-destructive, more so than Marilyn. They could not make it by themselves, and they could not handle their popular names. Often it was Marilyn who actually kept them alive.”

As a kid, Chaplin experienced his moms and dads’ nasty custody fight and he wound up raised mostly by his mom, Lita Grey, the second of his dad’s 4 better halves. He passed away of a lung embolism at 42 in March1968 Robinson suffered a deadly cardiovascular disease at 40 in February 1970.

Did Marilyn Monroe Have an Abortion?

Blonde: Monroe hesitantly ends her pregnancy so she can keep a movie function, and the choice haunts her permanently. When she gets pregnant once again throughout her marital relationship to Miller, her regret manifests in a heartbreaking discussion she has with her fetus. (Wide-eyed fetuses make a number of looks.)

Real life: James informed Summers that Chaplin did get the starlet pregnant in 1947 and she had an abortion.

Various Monroe bios keep in mind the reports of several abortions, with one buddy declaring Monroe informed her that she ‘d had 12, a few of them in so-called back-alley environments.

Her fertility issues once she was exceptionally popular were well-documented, consisting of an ectopic pregnancy in 1957 and a miscarriage in 1958, both while she was wed to Miller, and she was dealt with for endometriosis.

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Did Joe DiMaggio Really Hit Marilyn Monroe?

Blonde: Cass attempts to blackmail DiMaggio (played by Bobby Cannavale) by threatening to expose some old provocative images of Marilyn that she strove a calendar prior to her profession removed– after which the retired New York Yankees excellent returns house and smacks her in the face. A bit later on, her sex-symbol status and under the impression that she wishes to ultimately quit her profession to simply be his better half, he beats Marilyn up in an envious rage after the crowd goes gaga while she’s shooting her renowned white-halter-dress-over-the-subway-grate scene in The Seven Year Itch


Real life: The image exchange is fiction, however there were witnesses to DiMaggio and Monroe’s heated argument in the lobby of their New York hotel about what taken place on The Seven Year Itch set. Monroe’s makeup artist informed Goddess author Summers that the starlet had swellings on her shoulders when she concerned set the next day.

Monroe applied for divorce in October 1954 after 9 months of marital relationship (the second for both of them), the set having actually been on extremely various pages when it concerned her profession. DiMaggio, who never ever remarried, is stated to have actually enjoyed Monroe till the day he passed away in1999 He arranged her funeral service in 1962 and sent out roses to her crypt at Westwood Memorial Park 3 times a week for the next 20 years.


Was Marilyn Monroe a catastrophe on the set of Some Like It Hot?

Blonde: Drinking, popping tablets, forgetting her lines, shouting fits: Marilyn is unwinding quickly on the set of Some Like It Hot in 1958.

Real life: Ironically, Some Like It Hot includes among Monroe’s finest efficiencies and it’s thought about among the best films of perpetuity. The set problems were genuine, and the star had a miscarriage towards the end of shooting.

” Marilyn was so challenging due to the fact that she was absolutely unforeseeable,” director Billy Wilder, who had actually formerly dealt with her on The Seven Year Itch, informed Summers. “I never ever understood what sort of a day we were going to have.” he likewise applauded the star as “an outright genius as a comic starlet.”

Tony Curtis, who composed thoroughly about the turbulent shoot, infamously compared constructing out with among the most lusted-after females in the world to “kissing Hitler,” making the remark while viewing dailies with the team. Yes, he stated something like that, Curtis acknowledged years later on, however he insisted he was secured of context.

It had actually been a long day and they ‘d done lots of takes, he clarified, so what he really stated was, “You understand, after take 40, kissing Marilyn resembles kissing Hitler.”


Did Marilyn Monroe Have an Affair With President John F. Kennedy?

Blonde: What’s been traditionally accepted as truth for several years is symbolically summarized by an embarrassing encounter Marilyn has with the 35 th president of the United States. She’s ushered into the White House, offered a minute to refurbish and after that is required to JFK’s bed room, where he generally requires her to carry out foreplay while he’s on the phone– and a Secret Service representative is sitting within hearing range.

Real life: Monroe’s supposed assignations with the president and his sibling Robert Kennedy still stay the things of great deals of individuals stating it occurred. Biographers of all 3 have actually narrated every information of their seen and heard-about interactions throughout the 1950 and ’60 s, and conspiracy theories have actually presumed regarding hypothesize that her relationship with them produced her death– however the reality about all of it has actually constantly been a puzzle with missing out on pieces.

Cecil Stoughton/AP/Shutterstock

In the 2022 documentary The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The Unheard Tapes, her good friend Arthur James is heard stating to Summers, who carried out the taped interviews in concern, that a couple months after Monroe’s notorious efficiency of “Happy Birthday” for President Kennedy at Madison Square Garden on May 19, 1962, Bobby informed her to never ever call either him or John once again.

She passed away on Aug. 4.

” She was harmed, extremely injured when she was informed straight never ever to call or call once again, Robert or John,” James stated. ” That was an order. Jack didn’t call her, Bob did. Which’s what eliminated her.”

Blonde is streaming on Netflix.

( Originally released Sept. 28, 2022, at 8 a.m. PT)

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