VIDEO: Off-Duty Chicago Cop Shouts ‘I’ll Kill You!’ Prior To Fatally Shooting Man Who Grabbed Her Gun Last Month

VIDEO: Off-Duty Chicago Cop Shouts ‘I’ll Kill You!’ Prior To Fatally Shooting Man Who Grabbed Her Gun Last Month

Newly-released video footage reveals the stunning minute when an off-duty Chicago policeman fatally shot a male as he apparently got her weapon throughout a battle last month, informing the male “I will eliminate you!” prior to dumping her gun.

The officer, who resides in the Brainerd area where the event happened, prior to 1 p.m. back on Jan. 18, according to cops.

” I’ll Kill You!” Off-Duty Chicago Cop Tells Man Before Shooting Him As He Attempted To Steal Her Gun

CBS News reports that the off-duty police identified a break-in in development in front of an apartment, and tried to step in. That’s when authorities state the suspect was shot in the middle of a battle over the officers weapon.

” I’ll eliminate you!” the officer screamed. “Baby, I’m sorry,” shooting victim Leevon Smith reacts. “I’m sorry. … I do not wish to pass away.”

The Civilian Office of Police Accountability ( COPA) ultimately launched several video of the lethal shooting, with video footage drawn from a close-by structure revealing the police trying to intervene in a battle in between 4 individuals.

39- year-old Leevon Smith, who was among the 4, was the one to be fatally shot.

An off-duty Chicago police yelled,” i’ II eliminate you” prior to fatally shooting a male who got for her weapon throughout a battle last month in Washington Heights on the South Side. The personal security video footage, launched by the Civilian Office of Police Accountability, at first … DnD

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Shocking Video Clips Show The Deadly Incident As The Two Struggled For The Officer’s Firearm

The other 3 had actually left the scene quickly prior to the fatal shooting, and when the officer went to talk with Smith he got her as the 2 start to battle.

Smith might be seen trying to grab the officer’s weapon prior to 3 shots were fired.

Although the audio and video on the clip are not effectively synced, the off-duty officer, who has actually not yet been openly called, might plainly be heard chewing out him.

” I’ll eliminate you,” after Smith got for her weapon. ” Didn’t I simply state I ‘d eliminate you?” she stated after shooting the 3 shots.

Police Report States Smith Posed “Imminent Threat Of Battery,” Even Without A Weapon

Immediately after the shooting, the officer can then be heard urging anybody in the area to call the cops, which she “informed (Smith) she would shoot his a ” while implicating him of attempting to rob her.

” Call the authorities, I simply shot someone!” and “I simply informed you I ‘d shoot your a — you attempted to rob me!”

USA Today

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A tactical action report states that Smith presented an “impending hazard of battery,” even without a weapon, as he physically assaulted the officer. It explained the occurrence as an ambush with “no caution,” according to ABC News 7

The officer, who just signed up with the police last June, was dealt with for a cut above her ideal eye at Little Company of Mary Hospital in Evergreen Park, per the arrest report.

Officer Did Not Render Any Kind Of Aid To Shooting Victim As They Waited For EMS

She can then be heard consistently declaring Smith tried to take her gun from her while continuing to scream for somebody to call the cops.

An ambulance appeared a couple of minutes later on, nevertheless the officer did not try to assist Smith as they awaited EMS to get here.

Smith was carried to Advocate Christ Medical Center in major condition, however his health continued to decrease in spite of hospitalization.

He passed away 2 days later on, according to authorities.

The officer included was put on regular administrative responsibilities for 30 days, the Chicago Police Department stated last month.

Meanwhile, Smith’s estate has actually submitted a suit versus the city and the officer on Feb. 3, promoting a judgment of $10 million, ABC News 7 reports.

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