The Roots’ Black Thought Writes A “Love Letter To Hip-Hop” To Celebrate Its 50th Anniversary

The Roots’ Black Thought Writes A “Love Letter To Hip-Hop” To Celebrate Its 50th Anniversary

The Roots’ Black Thought shared a composed verse, “Love Letter To Hip-Hop” on BET The love letter is Black Thought’s method of thanking hip-hop in honor of the category’s authorities 50 th anniversary.

The Roots’ Black Thought


Legendary Philadelphia and Roots rap artist Black Thought shared a composed verse on his Instagram devoted to hip-hop’s 50 th anniversary.

Black Thought, who has actually dealt with lots of hip-hop icons such as Public Enemy and Nas, launched his written verse and video on BET com, where fans might see the complete video.

In the opening line, he explained the early phases of hip-hop as dancing and rhythm, which played comparable to the category’s origin.

” The band made us clap our hands. What followed was the scratch from the grand wizards and grandmasters,” he rapped, referencing DJs and houseparty.

Hip-hop was born at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue in the Bronx, at a obstruct celebration in 1973.

Black Thought likewise rapped about the significance and effect of hip-hop, including its impact on Black culture, style patterns, and the motivation of one generation to the next.

” To end the gang wars is what we began this thing for,” Black Thought rapped in his verse, describing the origins of hip-hop and the real significance behind it, which is unity instead of separation.

Another popular hip-hop figure that contributed to the event of hip-hop’s 50 th anniversary is famous manufacturer DJ Premier, who dropped the album Hip Hop 50 Volume 1 in July2022 Significant occasions such as 2022’s Rock The Bells fest hosted by renowned rap artists LL Cool J and Ice Cube had efficiencies by Fat Joe, Remy Ma, The Diplomats, N.O.R.E., and others.

The occasion’s centerpiece was to unify hip-hop with acts that have actually made the category grow prior to the category’s 50 th anniversary.

The 65 th Annual Grammy Awards was highlighted with numerous noteworthy occasions.

Some of the greatest minutes consisted of a wholehearted homage to the late Migos rap artist Takeoff by fellow rap artist Quavo and a star-studded homage to the 50 th anniversary of hip-hop.

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