Tesla self-driving Hardware 4 (HW4) teardown from upcoming Model X exposes considerable upgrades and combined AMD CPU-GPU infotainment board, no retrofit possible in present Tesla cars and trucks

Tesla self-driving Hardware 4 (HW4) teardown from upcoming Model X exposes considerable upgrades and combined AMD CPU-GPU infotainment board, no retrofit possible in present Tesla cars and trucks
The new Tesla Hardware 4 (HW4) computer features more powerful dual Exynos SoCs and 12 camera connectors. (Image Source: @greentheonly on Twitter)
The brand-new Tesla Hardware 4 (HW4) computer system includes more effective double Exynos SoCs and 12 cam adapters. (Image Source: @greentheonly on Twitter)

A teardown and description of Tesla’s approaching Hardware 4 (HW4) computer system has actually dripped online exposing enhanced Exynos SoCs, included cam ports, and recommendations to the brand-new Phoenix radar. A brand-new infotainment board that consists of a custom-made AMD CPU and AMD GPU is likewise seen. The HW4 sports a totally various kind element, which suggests it can not be retrofitted into existing Tesla cars and trucks.

Tesla is anticipated to update its self-driving computer system to the Hardware 4.0 (HW4) variation from the present HW3. While things are still formally under covers, images of HW4 and possible modifications concerning Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) have actually dripped online. -LRB-

From what we understand up until now, Telsa is updating its computing platform to accommodate better radar and electronic camera systems. Understood Tesla leaker @greentheonly on Twitter has actually published visuals of the HW4 computer system in a thread. -LRB-

The OP handled to lay hands on a HW4 computer system from an upcoming Model X. Thus, it is most likely that the car manufacturer will be liquidating its existing Model X production and quickly launch a brand-new series with HW4 hardware. -LRB-

Coming to the hardware itself, @greentheonly‘s teardown exposes that Tesla will no longer use a different child board for the GPU. Rather, the AMD CPU, AMD GPU, 256 GB NVMe, and 16 GB RAM will all exist on the very same infotainment board. -LRB-

The HW4 hardware continues to be based upon a Samsung Exynos chip. The CPU cores are now increased from 12 to 20 (5x 4-core clusters). These cores can increase as much as 2.35 GHz and idle at 1.37 GHz, according to the OP. An extra TRIP core (overall of 3 cores) in each TRIP system on both the SoCs exists with an optimal frequency of 2.2 GHz. The TRIP cores are essentially the ones that manage neural net calculations. -LRB-

HW4 appears to be running the Linux kernel 5.4.161- rt67 As is essential in self-driving automobiles, the HW4 includes redundancy with similar power connections on each side and 2 network links to the infotainment board. The OP keeps in mind that eliminating power to the A side eliminates the network switch and the connection is lost entirely. -LRB-

There are now12 cam sensing units( rather, ports )on HW4 consisting of one significant” Spare”, which is a boost from the 8 ports we’ve seen with HW3.

The video camera positioning will likewise alter– the side video cameras will now be positioned in the front fenders while 2 would be put in the windscreen. Tesla automobiles including HW4 would prevent possible blind areas by putting cams in front and rear bumpers. -LRB-

HW4 will utilize a brand-new radar module called Phoenix, referrals to which are discovered in the firmware. According to Tesla, Phoenix is a non-pulsed automobile radar that operates in the76-77 GHz frequency variety and supports 3 picking up modes. -LRB-

The Federal Communications Commission( FCC) has actually launched images and documents for Phoenix, which have actually been accessed byTeslarati A brand-new tri-band GPS module is present. -LRB-

@greentheonly likewise keeps in mind that the idle power usage with HW4 is rather greater compared to HW3. -LRB-

Bad news for existing Tesla owners

While the modifications pertaining to HW4 are welcome, Elon Musk has actually formally eliminated any wish for present Tesla owners wishing to retrofit HW4 into their automobiles. In a Q42022 teleconference , Musk stated that it is not financially and technically practical to retrofit Hardware 3 with Hardware 4. -LRB-

However, he did verify that HW3 will “still surpass the security of the typical human” which it will attain its complete self-driving (FSD )objectives. -LRB-

@greentheonly likewise validated that it is not possible to retrofit HW4 into HW3 vehicles provided the entirely various kind elements in between the 2 modules. While brand-new premium Tesla designs will include HW4 set up, the OP appears rather sure that brand-new Model 3 vehicles will likewise get the brand-new smarts ultimately. -LRB-

It is not understood when Tesla would make the HW4 authorities, however the business’s Investor Day on March 1 appears to be a most likely date. -LRB-

Check out @greentheonly ‘s thread connected listed below for more details and images of Tesla’s approaching Hardware 4 computer system. -LRB-

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