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What Happens After a Second DUI in California?

Second DUI

In this article, the author discusses what happens when someone gets their second DUI in California. Driving under the influence (carelessness) can result in a multitude of penalties including but not limited to, court arraignment (or DUI) hearing, prolonged driver’s license suspension, and higher car insurance rates if you are facing a DUI.

What Is a DUI Arrest?

Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or both is a DUI arrest. A first offense is a misdemeanor and the offender will generally be required to complete 52 weeks (eighteen 20-day periods) of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, education classes, or community service to avoid jail time. A second offense is usually charged as a felony and the offender may be sentenced to a year or two in jail.

What Happens After a Second DUI in California?

If you have a second DUI in California, the consequences can vary depending on what type of DUI you’ve received. And your second DUI can be more complicated than your first offense. You will learn again virtually all penalties In DUI classes like – jail time and fines to license suspension etc.

A second DUI in California is less lenient by a judge for the offender who committed the crime. If you know more about the second DUI offense in California, you can be better prepared and fight against your charges.

Constitutes a Second Offense DUI

If you have been convicted of two DUIs within 10 years, your license may also be suspended for a long time. And it counts as a “prior” DUI, making it your second DUI offense. With laws becoming stricter on drunk driving in California, make sure that you know the ramifications of a DUI. Driving privileges are no longer the focus of punishments – instead, a second DUI can lead to jail time, fines, and hefty probation fees.

On the other hand, if you are involved in a DUI offense and the conviction is not proven, you are discharged from the case. And the date you were arrested goes back ten years. In some cases, the penalties for a DUI may not be as severe as many might think.

The DUI you receive will be processed by two separate departments – the California DMV and the criminal justice system.

Administrative penalties for a second offense DUI in California

From suspension notices for drunk driving in California, the DMV will automatically suspend your license if you do not apply for a hearing within ten days. The fines for this include:

Criminal Penalties for a Second DUI

If you have a DUI that is not your first offense, the punishment can be very harsh and may include some fines including:

Other Consequences of a Second Crime DUI

People convicted of a DUI have to face administrative and criminal penalties, such as:

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