(PHOTOS) Exotic Cat Tests Positive For Drugs After Traumatic Cocaine-Fueled Escape From Police, Taken In By Zoo

(PHOTOS) Exotic Cat Tests Positive For Drugs After Traumatic Cocaine-Fueled Escape From Police, Taken In By Zoo

(PHOTOS) Exotic Cat Tests Positive For Drugs After Traumatic Cocaine-Fueled Escape From Police, Taken In By Zoo

An unique feline belonging to Africa is recuperating at the Cincinnati Zoo after a terrible experience that saw it drugged with drug and hurt back in January.

The animal, called aservalcar the zoo in late January after leaving his owner’s automobile throughout his owner’s arrest, according to location news outlet KFVS 12

African Cat High On Cocaine Fled Man’s Car As He Was Being Arrested By Cincinnati Police

While Cincinnati cops were collaring the guy in the town of Oakley, the serval apparently overlooked of the male’s car prior to scooting up a tree, Ray Anderson with Cincinnati Animal CARE informed the outlet.

“We got contacted to get the feline out of the tree,” Anderson stated.

The animal was at first explained by authorities as a leopard, with Anderson including the Hamilton County Dog Warden deputies were rather shocked to discover of the unique animal.


— FOX19 NOW (@FOX19) March 7, 2023

[They weren’t] sure what they were handling,” Anderson stated. “Hindsight being 20/20, it most likely would have included a great deal more individuals.”

Servals: Meet An African Wildcat Three Times The Size Of A Normal House Cat

Servals, which can leap up to 7 feet in the air, can grow to 3 times the size of a regular feline and weigh in at 20-40 pounds.

Anderson went on to state that this specific serval was around 30-35 pounds. and was “not delighted” to be removed from the tree, which showed to be a job for the animal rescuers too.

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“In the procedure of getting the feline out of the tree … certainly, the feline didn’t wish to leave the tree … and our officers were working actually tough to ensure they didn’t lose the feline while doing so … Yeah, the leg was broken in the procedure,” Anderson stated.

Authorities wound up contacting an unique feline professional after the animal was ultimately saved.

You’ve seen the motion picture #CocaineBear Bear, now it’s time for the follow up #cocainecat pic.twitter.com/UBuM5aBIny

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County Dog Warden Considered Charges, But Ultimately Decided Against It

The professional apparently informed the rescuers that he ‘d “rather handle a tiger” than a serval hopped up on coke, and included that he didn’t understand how they did it.

The serval was evaluated at Cincinnati Animal CARE, where vets dealt with his hurt leg and carried out a toxicology report, which evaluated favorable for drug.

“It did return favorable for drug,” Anderson stated. “Now, we can’t state how the animal got the drug in the system. I do not understand if it was ecological or speculative.”

The Hamilton County Dog Warden are supposedly thought about charges versus the feline’s owner, however eventually chosen versus it.

“But everyone was really cooperative in this case, and we didn’t feel it was essential,” Anderson stated.

Unique Cat That Tested Positive For Cocaine Is Being Cared For At Cincinnati Zoo https://t.co/CpS70M3if4 pic.twitter.com/5RwtvvYhlF

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The serval is now at the Cincinnati Zoo, where a representative stated Tuesday:

“The serval has actually been getting veterinary care in our Animal Health Center because he was brought here. He’s succeeding, and the next action will be for our Cat Ambassador Program group to deal with him and identify if he’s a great fit to be an ambassador animal. He will likely lag the scenes for a while.”

It’s still uncertain how the drug was presented into the huge feline’s system.

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