OnePlus 11 Concept: First teaser for appealing LED-lit rear panel emerges

OnePlus 11 Concept: First teaser for appealing LED-lit rear panel emerges
The 11 Concept. (Source: OnePlus)
The 11 Concept. (Source: OnePlus)

OnePlus’ next idea smart device is slated to be revealed throughout MWC2023 The OEM has actually picked to reveal its style off ahead of this occasion, nevertheless, exposing particular distinctions in between it and the basic flagship 11 on which it is based. For a start, its video camera bulge and rear panel stand apart with brand-new incorporated LED lighting.

OnePlus has actually done some hype-work for its upcoming MWC 2023 display, an occasion that will seemingly focus on its brand-new 11 Concept gadget. As the business has actually now hinted, the model mobile phone can outperforming its ‘regular’ equivalent in an least 1 possibly substantial method. -LRB-

The11Concept has actually now been exposed as one in which OnePlus’ existing flagship Android gadget’s rear panel is equipped with LED lighting – a great deal of it. It mainly includes a single strip that appears to begin at 1 upper corner, snakes down to the opposite bottom corner, then twists in a heating element-like shape back up to the round rear cam bulge, which likewise has an LED surround missing out on from the requirement 11 -LRB-

Whether these brand-new and sophisticated accents have functions besides countering the Nothing phone (1 ) or not stays to be seen. Once again, as even OnePlus‘ brand-new teaser video(and its convection-circuit style) tips, there might be other, perhaps more useful, utilizes for the strips. -LRB-

Otherwise, the OnePlus Concept 11’s video camera bulge likewise drops the stove-top try to find an intriguing, if irregular, lens lay-out that incorporates some secret modules, among which might be for periscope zoom. Their functions will most likely be detailed completely information throughout the model’s official late February 2023 launching -LRB-

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The 11 Concept's new augmentations should be visible under a layer of standard smartphone glass. (Source: OnePlus)
The 11 Concept’s brand-new enhancements must show up under a layer of basic smart device glass. (Source: OnePlus)

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