New Tesla HW4 computer system analysis verifies it will not fit older designs however will conserve Tesla millions in AMD chip combination

New Tesla HW4 computer system analysis verifies it will not fit older designs however will conserve Tesla millions in AMD chip combination
The HW4 upgrade can't be retrofitted to existing Teslas (image: Munro Live/YouTube)
The HW4 upgrade can’t be retrofitted to existing Teslas (image: Munro Live/YouTube)

The imaginative destructors from Munro Live have actually sussed Tesla’s upcoming HW 4.0 computer system that will do all the self-governing driving computations in its brand-new or updated designs. While the engineering skill at Munro discovered the brand-new HW 4.0 style to be more effective than previously, that likewise suggests it can’t be retrofitted to existing cars and trucks in a basic board swap.

After Tesla’s brand-new HW 4.0 self-driving computer system was pulled from an updated Model X recently, it is now time for the automobile teardown engineers from Munro Live to examine it and validate if it can be retrofitted to existing cars. The upgrade from HW2 to HW3 provides this possibility, for which some owners needed to pay US$ 1,500, an amount which was consequently lowered by Tesla to US$ 1,000

Still, that just opted for those who got the Full Self-Driving Beta as a US$199/ month membership alternative, instead of purchasing it outright for a rate that now totals up to US$15,000 To put it simply, those who leased FSD rather of purchasing it are not entitled to the totally free HW3 upgrade that Tesla assured. Among them even took legal action against Tesla in little claims court and won a complimentary FSD computer system upgrade on the basis of “incorrect marketing”. Tesla merely didn’t appear at the hearing so as not to legitimize the claim and was sentenced to pay them US$ 1,106 for the HW 3.0 swap. -LRB-

With Tesla’s FSD HW 4.0, nevertheless, such an easy swap might not be possible. The conclusion by Munro Live’s engineers is based upon the distinction in the HW4 computer system board’s size, functions, and design that would avoid it from fitting nicely in existing casts. They did discover that it recommends the much better, however, as the brand-new HW 4.0 motherboard has a far more effective style that incorporates the AMD graphics subsystem and had recommendations to state about its updated efficiency. -LRB-

While the AMD processor and graphics chips might have stayed the exact same, the co-processor that is entrusted with crunching the input from the self-driving cams and sensing units has actually been bigger and has actually obviously gotten an efficiency boost. Tesla is anticipated to equip its 2023/2024 designs like the Cybertruck or the upcoming ” Highland” Model 3 upgrade with more and much better video cameras all around which will bring with them more details to be evaluated and acted on at any offered time. Those brand-new electronic camera orders have supposedly now all gone to Samsung which is anticipated to be the sole provider of updated 5MP Tesla Vision video cameras for the Cybertruck -LRB-

Recently, an energy sustainability guard dog determined that self-governing driving computer systems like Tesla’s HW 4.0 board might eventually be accountable for environment modification emissions to measure up to all information centers According to their research study, a normal self-driving EV system with 10 high-res cams feeding it neural network processing images would lead to more than 21 million disturbances per hour of driving. When two-thirds of the present international fleet of vehicles is changed by electrical vehicles with HW4-like computer systems, that would lead to more disturbances per hour than Facebook’s information centers produce in a day.

We are still a long method off from such dystopian future, yet every bit of early self-driving computer system style consideration like the incorporated Tesla HW 4.0 circuitry would assist to balance out the boost in emissions coming from the extreme boost in the variety of effective computer systems on wheels. The graphics board combination conserves Tesla at least US$ 2 a pop, which is a great piece of modification as Elon Musk stated Tesla might strike 2 million electrical automobiles produced this year. -LRB-

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Daniel Zlatev, 2023-02-25( Update: 2023-02-26)

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