Maino Says Choke Slamming YouTuber Buba100x Was A Staged Internet Prank (Video)

Maino Says Choke Slamming YouTuber Buba100x Was A Staged Internet Prank (Video)

Brooklyn-bred rap artist Maino is shedding more light on a current video that has actually now gone viral of him and a YouTub developer called Buba100 x

Buba100 x Attempted A Prank On The Rapper

The rap artist went to Daniel’s Leather style program previously this month, as reported by TMZ And while there, the 49- year-old rap artist was spoken with by Buba100 x.

In the video, the YouTuber consistently asks the rap artist if he can obtain his chain.

” You wan na obtain my chain? Maino asks the YouTuber.

Yeah, let me obtain it– let me place on your chain so I can see how it feel. I wan na see how it seem like, you understand what I’m stating, to have on a chain …

In the vide, Maino reacts by informing the YouTuber that he offered him “his time.” Now, he’s “simply talking.” The video then cuts to another minute of the interview.

Quick concern, on a scale of 1-10, how terribly, right, do you I could like beat your ass?

Maino then relies on the YouTuber, appearing to comprehend him in a chokehold.

Was Maino Wrong?

— ➞|| O.T.G (@brotherOTG) February 27, 2023

An Instagram user shared extra video footage of Maino and Buba100 x.

#Maino chokes out YouTuber #Buba100 x for playing a trick on him


Maino Sheds Light: Says Incident With YouTuber Was Staged

The 49- year-old looked like a co-host on Way Up With Angela Yee today and dealt with the now-viral clip.

So what you see is all a part of the trick …

Angela Yee, the host of the radio, went on to share what she saw in the video for listeners. And Maino kept the encounter, which seemed severe, was really “phony.”

I wished to make it appearance genuine … Yes, I simply wished to make it look genuine. It recommended the fans … Just a trick. it was staged.

Angela Yee, nevertheless, was not encouraged by the rap artist’s description.

I believe it was a trick however it was not including Maino ahead of time.

But Maino ended the sector keeping his position.

The YouTuber, Buba100 x, has yet to openly deal with the viral occurrence.

Roommates, what do you consider this?

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