Lucy Hale Opens Up About Her Decision to Get Sober After Being a ‘Textbook Binge Drinker’

Lucy Hale Opens Up About Her Decision to Get Sober After Being a ‘Textbook Binge Drinker’

Lucy Hale is sharing her battle with alcohol for the very first time in the hopes of assisting other youths.

The Pretty Little Liars star spoke openly about her experience with dependency on Thursday’s episode of The Diary of a CEO podcast, exposing that this minute has in fact been 13 years in the making. “I have actually never ever talked openly about being sober,” she stated. “I have a little over a year of sobriety. I have actually been dealing with getting sober given that I was20 I’m33 It took some time. It took perseverance with myself. I simply hung on to that belief that the genuine Lucy came out when she was consuming. It likewise silenced my mind … My brain simply does not shut down and it’s stressful. I was a book binge drinker, blackout, would not remember what I did or what I stated, which is frightening.”

Hale went on to expose that, since she initially attempted consuming at age 14, she understood she had an issue with it and at no point in her life has she been a “typical, moderate drinker.” The star discussed, “I wanted to go to this insane dark location whenever. Obviously I attempted to be a moderate drinker, simply having 2. I have an allergic reaction to alcohol. I can not consume. I see it as an allergic reaction. My brain does not work the exact same method as somebody who can simply have a glass of red wine. It constantly desires more. It’s yearning that sensation.”

The podcast’s host, Steven Bartlett, then asked whether anybody in her life ever provided her a warning or attempted to stage an intervention since of her habits around alcohol. “I attempted to alter for sweethearts, I attempted to alter for my mum, I attempted to alter for my profession, I attempted to alter for vain factors–‘ I’ll look more youthful and look skinnier. I’ll stop consuming for that,'” Hale stated. “One of my friends passed away of alcohol addiction which still didn’t make me wish to get sober. None of that shit works. Alcohol isn’t the issue. The issue is this sensation within me.” It wasn’t till Hale made her own choice that she required to get sober that whatever began to alter. She described that she lastly made the dedication to herself on January 2, 2022, after understanding that she “should have more out of this life.” The star included that after nearly twenty years of heavy drinking, the in 2015 has actually felt “releasing” and “serene.”

Last week Lucy Hale commemorated her 1 year sober anniversary on Instagram with a cake, composing in the caption, “Bear with me, this is an alternative Valentine’s Day post. This is a post about self-love and about the best thing I’ve ever done. On January 2, 2023, I commemorated one year of sobriety.” She continued, “While this journey has actually primarily been personal, I felt forced tonight to let anybody who is having a hard time understand that you are not alone and you are liked.”

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