JT Speaks On Being Painted As An ‘Angry Black Girl’ Online: ‘Y’ all Don’t Even Know Me’

JT Speaks On Being Painted As An ‘Angry Black Girl’ Online: ‘Y’ all Don’t Even Know Me’

JT opened throughout a current sit-down with Angie Martinez, and she dished on how she feels as though the web has actually acquired the story that she’s an “mad Black woman.”

This City Girl Is All About ‘Unapologetically’ Being Herself

The City Girls rap artist spoke on the topic on the most recent episode of the Angie Martinez IRL Podcast After reflecting on her youth and her journey to where she is today, she continued to use some reflective guidance for others who are attempting to enter the rap video game.

” Not lots of individuals can do this, so you require to come, you do what you require to do, and you require to go as difficult as you can. You can’t think of outdoors viewpoints.”

Regarding this tail end about not paying any mind to “outdoors viewpoints,” JT shared that she personally deals with this element of popularity.

” That’s my issue. I let whatever simply get in my ear due to the fact that I believe they’re ideal for whatever factor.”

However, JT shared that she’s now completely welcomed being “unapologetically” herself while being on her music grind. Duration!

” I seem like that’s where I’m at today. Simply gettin’ to it, offering individuals what I’m here for– which is music– and being unapologetically me.”

JT Acknowledges The ‘Angry Black Girl’ Narrative

As she continued concentrating on the point about unapologetically doin’ her thang, JT pressed back versus the idea that she need to simply “stopped talking” online.

” Why do I need to stop talking? Why do I need to I need to like my life like that?”

For context, anybody who follows JT on Twitter will understand that she’s not scared to clap back at online critics.

Stfu bitch prior to I take tae from you. https://t.co/cfQtLoDPcw

— J (@ThegirlJT) December 8, 2020

I enjoy you JT however I didn’t feel your aggressiveness was required individuals discuss you all the time however out of all remarks you react to this one pic.twitter.com/o8Yl82 UDuS

— Preston (@Preston00609067) September 2, 2021

I’m never ever injured I feel in one’s bones how to talk shit back Fr y’ all stop requiring unhappiness on me trigger I put y’ all in y’ all location when I seem like it y’ all ain’t gone simply make me the chuckling stock cause I do not follow y’ all guidelines! https://t.co/wCLLjvFJo7

— J (@ThegirlJT) July 1, 2021

jt picks violence everyday, so i select violence right behind her ♂

— (@ThatGuyDQ) March 8, 2021

While some might discover her shenanigans polarizing, JT states that her critics “do not even understand [her]” In addition, she reached to announce that the web has actually kept up the concept that JT is an “upset Black woman” who’s “constantly got a mindset.”

” The web has actually painted me as this upset Black woman. Like, ‘She constantly mad. She constantly got a mindset’ … That actually troubles me due to the fact that it’s like, y’ all do not even understand me.”

She went on to mention that, while she “might be protecting herself” or merely joking around online, she is in some way constantly framed as “the upset one” at the end of the day.

” I might be joking, I might simply be talking, I might simply be having a viewpoint, I might be safeguarding myself, and I’m the mad one. I’m the impolite one.”

You can have a look at a clip from the interview down below.

Shoutout to JT as she continues to browse her profession and unapologetically do her thang! In addition, we need to provide her flowers for pressing back versus the story of being an “mad Black woman.”

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