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Game-Changer Alert: Joe Flacco signed to practice squad, adds experience to QB room

Joe Flacco

In the ever-evolving world of professional football, where surprises and strategic maneuvers often shape the narrative, a recent announcement has sent shockwaves through the football community. The Game News desk is buzzing with excitement as the news broke that veteran quarterback Joe Flacco has inked a deal with the practice squad. This unexpected twist in the game plan has ignited a fresh wave of speculation and discussion, as fans and analysts alike contemplate the implications of Flacco’s arrival.

In this exclusive coverage, we delve into the details of this unexpected move, exploring how Joe Flacco’s storied career and championship pedigree are poised to transform the very fabric of the team’s quarterback room. Get ready, football enthusiasts – the playbook just got a seasoned upgrade, and it’s time to unravel the layers of this strategic masterpiece.

Joe Flacco has built a reputation throughout his career for being a formidable opponent against the Cleveland Browns. Now, he finds himself on their side, aiming to contribute to their playoff aspirations.

Uncertainty Surrounds Joe Flacco’s Role as Browns Prep for Denver Clash

On Monday, the 38-year-old quarterback officially joined the Browns, signing with the practice squad with expectations of being elevated to the active roster shortly, as announced by the team. Coach Kevin Stefanski, however, refrained from specifying Joe Flacco’s role for the upcoming game in Denver, noting that additional meetings with the coaching staff would be crucial to bring him up to speed.

Dorian Thompson-Robinson Secures Victory, Joe Flacco Adds Depth to Browns’ Quarterback Roster

In the previous matchup against the Steelers, rookie Dorian Thompson-Robinson secured his first victory in his second start, orchestrating a 13-10 triumph. Despite his success, Joe Flacco’s presence adds depth to the quarterback position. While Thompson-Robinson maintains his starting role, Joe Flacco could eventually replace P.J. Walker as the backup, offering insurance in case of any setbacks.

Deshaun Watson, the Browns’ starting quarterback, suffered a season-ending shoulder injury on November 12, prompting the need for a reliable third quarterback. Joe Flacco, with an impressive track record of 180 regular-season starts and 99 wins, appears to be a suitable choice. The Browns currently boast a 7-3 record, trailing the division-leading Ravens by half a game while securing a wild card spot.

Joe Flacco, who underwent a workout with the Browns on Friday, impressed Stefanski with his fitness and performance. The veteran quarterback has not played for a team this season, spending the previous three years as a backup with the Jets. Despite a challenging 1-8 record as a starter, his victory against the Browns last year showcased his ability to make a difference on the field.

Selected by the Ravens as the 18th overall pick in 2008, Joe Flacco became a Super Bowl MVP in 2012 when Baltimore clinched the championship. Over his career, he has completed 61.6 percent of his passes for 42,320 yards, 232 touchdowns, and an 84.0 passer rating.

Elijah Moore, a receiver who played alongside Joe Flacco with the Jets, emphasized Flacco’s leadership qualities and extensive football knowledge. Moore believes Joe Flacco’s experience will be invaluable, especially in mentoring Thompson-Robinson, underscoring the importance of having a seasoned player with MVP-level expertise on the team.

In summary, Joe Flacco’s addition to the Cleveland Browns brings a seasoned quarterback with a history of success, positioning him as a potential asset in the team’s quest for a playoff berth.


In the ever-evolving landscape of professional football, unexpected moves like Joe Flacco’s signing to the practice squad serve as a reminder of the strategic depth teams employ to secure success. As the quarterback room transforms with the addition of a Super Bowl champion, fans are left eagerly awaiting the unfolding chapters of this intriguing story. Whether Joe Flacco sees action on game day or assumes a pivotal mentorship role, one thing is for certain – his presence will leave an indelible mark on the team’s journey ahead.

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