Is Spotify Launching a TikTok-Like Vertical Swipe Homepage?

Is Spotify Launching a TikTok-Like Vertical Swipe Homepage?

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Spotify has some huge modifications inbound. Will it embrace a vertical scrolling homepage like TikTok? It’s most likely.

The Stream On occasion in Los Angeles in March will be where Spotify presents its most current functions. Bloomberg reports that a person of those functions is a vertically swiped homepage that runs likewise to TikTok’s Discover performance Spotify’s been dealing with this function for a long time, given that an early sneak peek was revealed at financier day in June 2022.

Spotify states it regularly performs a “variety of tests in an effort to enhance our user experience. A few of those wind up paving the course for our more comprehensive user experience and others serve just as crucial knowings. We have no more news to share on future strategies at this time,” when Bloomberg asked for more information on the function. Spotify has actually currently invested greatly in video efforts, so a brand-new scrolling feed highlighting videos, audiobooks, and podcasts isn’t too unexpected.

The brand-new vertical homepage might be part of Spotify’s efforts to draw in the more youthful 18-24 crowd. One in 3 Spotify users remains in that market, which Spotify thinks about low. In an interview with Bloomberg in 2021, CEO Daniel E yielded the business “might be doing much better.”

Spotify’s varied portfolio and growth into podcasts was expected to assist with that objective. While its podcast technique has actually continued to play out– the designer accountable for its instructions is leaving Spotify later on this year. Dawn Ostroff revealed she would leave her function as Spotify’s Chief Content Officer and Advertising Business Officer. While Spotify’s layoffs took place previously this year, it has actually been cancelling podcast programs left and.

Last year the business ditched 11 podcasts and laid off 40 individuals prior to the 6% decrease. The interest in developing podcasts as badly subsided following its pandemic surge in 2020 and 2021, too. According to information from Listen Notes, brand-new podcast production dropped 80% in 2022 as the format develops.

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