Google Pixel Watch to get Material You style overhaul with Wear OS upgrade

Google Pixel Watch to get Material You style overhaul with Wear OS upgrade
Android 14 has revealed a few clues about the direction of Wear OS. (Image source: NotebookCheck)
Android 14 has actually exposed a couple of ideas about the instructions of Wear OS. (Image source: NotebookCheck)

Google’s Material You style language appears predestined for Wear OS, which stays based upon Android11 Product You must bring higher customisation choices to Wear OS with tweaks like system-wide colours, to name a few modifications.

The Pixel Watch might be fairly brand-new, however the OS underpinning it is almost 30 months old. Presently, Google’s very first smartwatch ships with Wear OS 3.5, a variation of Android 11 that uses customised tiles and see confront with no shared theming system. The next significant Wear OS upgrade might see the smartwatch embrace Google’s Material You style language, based on 9to5Google’s findings within Android 14 Developer Preview 1(DP1).

Supposedly, Android 14 DP1 consists of referrals to settings called ‘DYNAMIC_COLOR_THEME_ENABLED’, a function that is missing out on from Android 11’s and Wear OS 3.5’s codebase. At this phase, it stays to be seen whether Wear OS will change colours based upon those picked for an active watch face or if it will be possible to pick a system-wide accent colour. Still, it appears that a minimum of some kind of vibrant colour styles are headed to Wear OS.

Alternatively, Google might synchronise a paired mobile phone’s accent colour with the one on a Wear OS smartwatch. The next variation of Wear OS is most likely to preserve a black-heavy UI though, thinking about the expansion of AMOLED display screens and little batteries in smartwatches like the Galaxy Watch 5 and the Pixel Watch

Separately, it is uncertain which variation of Android Google will update Wear OS to, whether that be Android 12, Android 13 or Android14 With Android 14 apparently another version of Android 12, it might be easier for Google to bring Wear OS to parity with Android than in years passed. Normally, Google sneak peeks brand-new variations of Android at its yearly I/O conferences, as it made with Wear OS 3 in2021 We might be however a couple of months away from the launching of Wear OS 4.0.

Alex Alderson, 2023-02-11( Update: 2023-02-11)

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