Fastest Tesla Model S speed opened by carbon ceramic brake set upgrade as Plaid strikes record lap times

Fastest Tesla Model S speed opened by carbon ceramic brake set upgrade as Plaid strikes record lap times
The brand-new Model S Plaid carbon ceramic brake package (image: Tesla)
The brand-new Model S Plaid carbon ceramic brake set (image: Tesla)

The ‘paid hardware upgrade’ required for the Tesla Model S to strike its marketed 200 MPH leading speed turned out to be its US$ 20,000 Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit. With it, a Model S Plaid handled and exceeded the greatest speed that Tesla guarantees, breaking a racing circuit record while doing so.

While there have actually been record speeds attained with a customized Model S, its 200 MPH peak promoted by Tesla has actually lastly been reached with a stock system. Simply as anticipated, the “paid hardware upgrades” that the small print states are required to open the Model S leading speed accomplishment ended up being its efficiency brakes alternative.

When setting up theCarbon Ceramic Brake Kit – a different US$ 20,000 purchase – the Tesla Model S Plaid leading speed software application lock was eliminated, and a 217 MPH (350km/h) speed was reached. The very first Model S equipped with the brand-new brakes was offered by Tesla Belgium to the race motorist Sebastien Vittel. He hinted that the automobile might do a lot more on a race course bigger than the Circuit de Bresse in France where it still broke the lap record.

Well after number of laps I simply did the performance history for a street legal cars and truck on non semi slick tire here. The initial Michelin PS4S on initial measurement 265/35/21 front 295/30/21 back and initial Tesla wheels.

Just recently, the Tesla Model S Plaid likewise handled to beat а Porsche Taycan Turbo S, a Lucid Air, and an electrical Audi RS in Motor Trend’s real-life velocity test made with a foot of rollout deducted.

This is not the very first time that a Tesla Model S breaks the 200 MPH speed barrier as the Plaid system which handled 216 MPH leading speed in 2015 had its software application constraints gotten rid of by an Ingenext chip mod.

The main brake set add-on, nevertheless, which includes carbon ceramic discs and braided lines, along with temperature-resistant brake pads and fluid, is the default method to choose exceeding the 200 MPH leading speed limit without needing to chip-tune the Model S Plaid.

When it appears for purchase, that is, as it has actually been noted as coming quickly on Tesla’s site for an excellent while now, so this is in fact the very first time that the efficiency brakes update has actually been set up and evaluated prior to a public.

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