Dee Barnes Speaks On Dr. Dre Being Honored At Grammys: ‘They Named This Award After An Abuser’

Dee Barnes Speaks On Dr. Dre Being Honored At Grammys: ‘They Named This Award After An Abuser’

Now that the 2023 Grammys remains in the rearview mirror, Dee Barnes is knocking the Recording Academy’s choice to honor Dr. Dre.

Specifically, Dee– who states Dre strongly attacked her in 1991– is slamming the choice to honor the rap artist with the inaugural “Dr. Dre Global Impact Award” at the Black Music Collective honors event.

Dee Says This Artist CAN NOT Be Separated From The Art

During a sit-down with Rolling Stone, Dee– who hosted a program called Pump It Up! back then– resolved the choice by straight-up stating that, while “everyone wishes to separate the art from the artist,” this in some cases is “not possible.”

She likewise announced, “They called this award after an abuser.”

” Everybody wishes to separate the art from the artist, and in some cases that’s simply not possible … They called this award after an abuser.”

Dee continued, mentioning that this “wan’t simply a one or two-time thing.” She likewise confessed that he might not be “the exact same individual now,” though she has no concept, as she’s “not around him any longer.”

” It wasn’t simply a one or two-time thing; these are options. The very first time, it’s perhaps an error. The 2nd time, all right. The 3rd time, it’s an option. I’m not stating he is the exact same individual now. I do not understand. I’m not around him any longer. I have not spoken to him.”

She likewise spicily said that they “may too call [the honor] the ‘Ike Turner Award.'”

Dee Spoke On Being ‘Blacklisted’ From The Industry

After speaking her mind about the Recording Academy’s newly-established Dr. Dre Global Impact Award, Barnes went on to attend to how she and Dre simply “can’t appear to exist together in the exact same area.” In addition, she stated that the “blacklisting” she’s dealt with “still feels active.”

” The blacklisting I’ve dealt with still feels active, and it took me a very long time to accept that. For the longest time, I resembled, “That’s not what’s occurring. It’s not that.” It’s certainly that. I see it. I’ve had lots of individuals who will support me independently, however they do not desire it to be openly understood due to the fact that of their service associations, transactions, or whatever.”

She included that, while she’s gotten assistance from Black females in journalism for many years, she feel as though “the assistance is not there” when it concerns members of the rap neighborhood.

” As far as individuals in hip-hop and the neighborhood, the assistance is not there. Somebody had just recently stated that ‘hip-hop wasn’t excellent to Dee. Hip-hop may have been excellent to other individuals, however it wasn’t great to Dee.’ And I was unfortunate since it’s real.”

As her interview started to unwind, Dee said that she was “made into the bad guy” and compared her scenario to that of Megan Thee Stallion. As an outcome, she dealt with many difficulties throughout the years, consisting of a 3-year stint where she was “unhoused.”

However, she exposed that her “monetary life is recently supporting,” and she’s “back in the video game as a reporter.”

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