Upcoming College Baseball Season 2024: Rankings Revealed

College Baseball Season: As we approach the 2024 college baseball season, D1Baseball.com unveils its rankings for the top 5 transfer classes that are set to make a significant impact. Renowned institutions such as LSU, Florida, Texas A&M, and Tennessee make notable appearances on this exclusive list.

The emergence of the transfer portal, coupled with the elimination of the one-year sit-out rule for inter-school transfers, has brought about a paradigm shift in how Division I teams shape their rosters. This transformative landscape has compelled us to revise our approach to ranking newcomer classes. While the focus was traditionally on the strength of incoming freshmen and JUCO transfers. The current scenario demands consideration of four-year transfers, which often make an immediate and substantial impact.

Recognizing the diverse needs and philosophies of each team in roster construction. We continue our tradition of splitting the newcomer rankings into two distinct lists. The top 5 freshman classes and the top 5 transfer classes. JUCO transfers are included in the latter category, aligning with their comparable impact duration to that of four-year transfers, despite their recruiting process similarities to freshmen.

Top 5 College Baseball Season Rankings 2024

College Baseball

1. Wake Forest

Key Additions: Chase Burns and Seaver King

Chase Burns, formerly of Tennessee, stands out as a marquee addition, transitioning from a successful reliever to a potential ace with elite pitching attributes. Seaver King, a late bloomer from Division II Wingate (N.C.), brings a potent mix of offensive prowess and defensive skills, making him a valuable asset for Wake Forest.

2. LSU

Key Additions: Luke Holman, Gage Jump, Mac Bingham, and Michael Braswell

LSU continues its trend of strategic transfers, securing talents like Luke Holman, Gage Jump, Mac Bingham, and Michael Braswell. Holman’s consistent performance, Jump’s comeback from injury. Bingham’s offensive prowess and Braswell’s defensive stability collectively enhance LSU’s prospects for the upcoming College Baseball season.

College Baseball

3. Tennessee

Key Additions: Billy Amick and Cannon Peebles

Tennessee strengthens its lineup with impactful transfers like Billy Amick and Cannon Peebles. Amick, a standout from Clemson, showcases impressive hitting skills. While NC State transfer Cannon Peebles adds depth and power to the Volunteers’ offensive arsenal.

4. Texas A&M

Key Additions: Braden Montgomery, Ali Camarillo, Hayden Schott, Jackson Appel, and Tanner Jones

Texas A&M boasts a formidable transfer class featuring power-hitter Braden Montgomery, defensive stalwart Ali Camarillo, and experienced additions Hayden Schott and Jackson Appel. Pitcher Tanner Jones, a transfer from Jacksonville State, adds depth to the Aggies’ roster with his impressive fastball and slider combination.

College Baseball

5. Florida State

Key Additions: Gavin Adams, Carson Dorsey, and Cam Leiter

Florida State undergoes a pitching transformation with JUCO recruits Gavin Adams and Carson Dorsey, alongside the promising transfer Cam Leiter from UCF. These additions provide the Seminoles with a revamped and potent pitching staff, setting the stage for an exciting 2024 College Baseball season.