China Visas Back To Normal! 5 Things to Know

China Visas Back To Normal! 5 Things to Know

The last pillars of ‘dynamic-zero COVID’ continue to fall!

China has actually revealed that ALL visa types for immigrants will be back to regular since tomorrow, March 15, 2023.

The statement was made by means of the site of the Embassy of The People’s Republic of China in the United States and was later on reported by significant media outlets, consisting of Reuters and CGTN.

Here are 5 crucial things from the statement you require to understand:

1. Legitimate Visas Issued Before March 28, 2020 Can Be Used to Enter China

Any visa which is still legitimate– no matter whether it was released prior to March 28, 2020 when China enforced limitations due to COVID-19– can be utilized to get in China.

2. ALL Visa Types are Back to Normal

That consists of L-type visas released for the function of tourist. Make certain to talk to your closest Chinese embassy or consulate concerning the particular application requirements prior to making itinerary.

3. Port Visas are Back

Expats living in Hong Kong might recognize with the visa-on-arrival released at Luohu Port for the function of checking out Shenzhen.

Prior to COVID-19, other places in China which used port visas (visas-on-arrival) consisted of the following:

  • Beijing

  • Chengdu

  • Chongqing

  • Dalian

  • Fuzhou

  • Guangzhou

  • Guilin

  • Haikou

  • Hangzhou

  • Heihe, Heilongjiang province (surrounding Russia)

  • Jinan

  • Kunming

  • Nanjing

  • Qingdao

  • Sanya

  • Shanghai

  • Shenyang

  • Suifenhe, Heilongjiang province (surrounding Russia)

  • Tianjin

  • Wuhan

  • Xiamen

  • Xi’an

  • Weihai

  • Yantai

  • Zhuhai

Port visas tend to be legitimate for stays of anywhere in between 48 and 144 hours. Just specific citizenships might be qualified for a port visa. Make sure to inspect particular requirements prior to making any itinerary.

4. Resumption of Visa-Free Travel

Visa-free travel for the list below kinds of arrivals will resume:

  • Travelers checking out Hainan Island

  • Those getting in Shanghai by means of cruise liner

  • Immigrants living in Hong Kong or Macao Special Administrative Regions who take a trip to the Chinese mainland in a trip group

  • Those in ASEAN trip groups who check out Guilin, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

Once again, make sure to examine if you’re elligible for visa-free travel and any particular requirements prior to making itinerary.

5. About That 48-Hour Test …

A variety of Chinese embassies revealed that since March 1, 2023, a 48-hour unfavorable PCR test would no longer be needed for those taking a trip to the Chinese mainland.

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The PCR test can be changed with a fast antigen test (RAT), which not just enables self-testing, however will not even be inspected by the airline company at the point of departure.

Please do keep in mind, nevertheless, that anybody taking a trip to the mainland still requires to complete China’s Customs Declaration, which needs an unfavorable RAT 48 hours prior to getting here.

We can just hope that more embassies will do the same; now that visas are basically back to typical, possibly evaluating guidelines for arrivals will be ditched entirely … however we do not wish to speak with quickly!


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