Boosie Calls Off Joint Album With T.I. After He Admitted He Snitched In The Past:” You A F *! king Rat Too!”

Boosie Calls Off Joint Album With T.I. After He Admitted He Snitched In The Past:” You A F *! king Rat Too!”

In a current interview, Boosie stated his album with T.I. might not take place due to the Atlanta artist confessing he has actually snitched in the past. He likewise feels it does not matter if it occurred prior to he ended up being a rap artist.

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In a brand-new DJ Vlad interview, Boosie stated his album with fellow trap music legend T.I., is off. The “Set It Off” rap artist’s remarks follow after finding T.I. complied with police after being associated with a weapon case prior to he dropped his studio launching, I’m Serious, in October 2001.

When Boosie was inquired about his ideas on T.I. confessing he snitched on his cousin as a teen, Boosie shared his ideas.

” If he did that, you (T.I.) a f ckin’ rat too. I do not extra no Mothaf ckin’ body,” Boosie stated. Boosie likewise voiced his disappointment after T.I. shared the details after 20 years.

” You gon na hold that in after all that damn time. Why confess to that?” Boosie stated.

After the job interviewer asked if the album was still dropping, Boosie responded, “no.”

T.I. has actually been implicated of snitching in his profession since he took part in an ATL Crime Stoppers PSA in 2009 prior to serving time for federal weapons charges.

Rapper/mogul 50 Cent was among the primary figures in the rap neighborhood who trolled T.I. for doing the PSA.

In a current interview, Lil Boosie exposed to Fat Joe that he would be launching a joint album with fellow southern artist T.I. The Louisiana rap artist states it will be much better than Drake and 21 Savage’s album Her Loss.

Recently, Boosie Badazz sat with Fat Joe on Instagram live to talk about several subjects. Throughout the discussion, the “Set It Off” rap artist exposed to Joe that his upcoming joint album with T.I. is much better than the newly-released cooperation album Her Loss by 21 Savage and Drake.

” I heard Drake and 21 album, it’s tough however I do not believe it’s more difficult than our album.”

Fans on Twitter appeared to have combined responses about an approaching album from the 2 southern locals. One user stated while he was thrilled to find out about the album, he wants it dropped in their prime years:

” Boosie and TI got a collab album????? Mannnnnn I’m delighted for that. I got ta have that. (Wish it was 10 years ago tho).”

Another fan stated Boosie and the “No Mediocre” rap artist can keep their joint album in the vault:

” Man no one attempting to listen to no Boosie and TI duo album.”

Drake and 21 Savage just recently launched their album, Her Loss. The job consists of 16 tracks and a great deal of debates, with Drake discussing other artists.

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Boosie Calls Off Joint Album With T.I. After He Admitted He Snitched In The Past:" You A F *! king Rat Too!"

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