Arthur Smith’s Atlanta Falcons Tenure: The Unraveling of a Promising Plan

The Atlanta Falcons made a bold move in hiring Arthur Smith as their head coach three years ago, aiming to rebuild the team and return to contention. The expectations were high, fueled by promising offseason moves and a vision for success. However, as the recent decision to fire Arthur Smith indicates, the plan did not unfold as anticipated.

Arthur Smith’s Atlanta Falcons Tenure:

High Hopes and Offseason Moves:

The Falcons’ offseason moves, including the signing of Calais Campbell, showcased a win-now mentality. Owner Arthur Blank expressed confidence in the organization’s direction, expecting a more competitive team in 2023.

Arthur Smith

Quarterback Decision and Offensive Struggles:

The decision to stick with Desmond Ridder as the starting quarterback seemed pivotal. Unfortunately, the offensive success that was expected under Smith’s leadership did not materialize. The team finished 26th in scoring for the season, highlighting a significant issue in the offensive strategy.

Missed Opportunities in the Quarterback Market:

The article points out missed opportunities in the quarterback market, particularly the decision not to pursue Lamar Jackson when he became available for trade. The failure to explore alternative options at quarterback raised questions about the team’s long-term vision.

Draft Strategy and Running Back Bijan Robinson:

The Falcons’ unconventional draft strategy, including selecting running back Bijan Robinson with the No. 8 pick, drew attention. While Robinson’s impact on the field was notable, the overall team performance did not meet expectations.

Arthur Smith

Injuries and Defensive Challenges:

The season was not without challenges, such as the season-ending injury to defensive tackle Grady Jarrett and defensive tackle David Onyemata’s absence. These issues, combined with defensive struggles, added to the team’s woes.

Coach-QB Relationship and Public Scrutiny:

The relationship between Coach Smith and quarterback Ridder faced public scrutiny, especially with Smith defending Ridder against critics. The decision to bench Ridder temporarily raised questions about the team’s confidence in its quarterback.

Late-Season Swoon and Firing of Arthur Smith:

The Falcons’ late-season struggles, losing four of the last five games, led to the decision to part ways with Arthur Smith. Despite the positive aspects of Smith’s tenure, the inability to achieve consistent success and offensive woes ultimately resulted in his departure.

Arthur Smith


Arthur Smith‘s tenure with the Atlanta Falcons was marked by high expectations, promising offseason moves, and strategic decisions that did not yield the desired results. The failure to address quarterback concerns, offensive struggles, and late-season disappointments ultimately led to the decision to seek new leadership. As the Falcons embark on a search for a new head coach, the franchise faces the challenge of reevaluating its vision for success and addressing key areas for improvement.