Armie Hammer’s Ex-Wife Elizabeth Chambers Says She Was Understanding Allegations “As the general public Was”

Armie Hammer’s Ex-Wife Elizabeth Chambers Says She Was Understanding Allegations “As the general public Was”

Elizabeth Chambers states she was discovering ex-husband Armie Hammer‘s sexual assault claims and fetishes “as the general public was,” and it left her speechless.

In a profile for Elle released Wednesday, the previous Current television anchor and Bird pastry shop owner opened about how she and Hammer fell in love, how their relationship was improved by his increasing popularity and how towards completion– around the exact same time as the accusations emerged– he had actually ended up being “the worst.”

Discussing how their relationship broke down while in the Cayman Islands throughout the COVID-19 lockdown, Chambers used a various take than the one Hammer gave up a British GQ profile released in September 2020, where he explained seeming like a wolf “captured in a snare” and called the stress the by-product of a “really complex, extreme circumstance, with huge characters all secured a little small location.”

For Chambers, “his habits was less caged animal and more annoying,” according to Elle Their marital relationship had actually currently been degrading, with her remembering that they were investing less time together and at one supper celebration “they didn’t even talk [to each other]”

The snapping point in their union, which had actually been formerly checked, was Hammer’s choice to leave her and his kids in the Caymans to assist bring back a motel outside Joshua Tree National Park with a buddy. “He was the worst,” she remembered. “My heart was broken in 9 million pieces, and I still drove him to the airport.”

“Marriage is constantly going to be tough, and, similar to any relationship, you go through a procedure,” Chambers included, keeping in mind that it wasn’t completely a clear, constant line to their divorce. “Especially if you toss success and popularity into the mix; it simply ends up being more amplified.”

Chambers, who declared divorce in L.A. Superior Court in July 2020, included that “the dissolution of my household” was her greatest worry. “You can offer, you can like, you can be there for somebody, however you likewise require to hold individuals liable for their actions.”

After their separation, claims around Hammer’s sexual fetishes and habits, that included unproven social networks messages apparently from the star that revealed interest in cannibalism, started to surface area. (Hammer has actually rejected them.) The pastry shop owner and mom stated she was shocked. “I was finding out things as the general public was,” Chambers described. “I resembled, ‘There are no words. What the fuck?'”

She revealed that no matter her ex-husband’s interest, in their own marital relationship “borders” were a crucial partner of their relationship.” [Gradually] your partner is discovering aspects of themselves,” she kept in mind. “They’re growing, you’re growing; you hope that you’re growing together.”

Instead, she experienced a total 180- degree turn from the earlier years of their marital relationship, which she states felt “entirely wonderful” as she took a trip with him to film shoots and on press trips.

Chambers decreased to react to Hammer’s current Air Mail interview— his very first significant sit-down given that the claims– however in a piece released on Feb. 4, the star continued to reject criminal misbehavior in relation to the 2021 claims of sexual misbehavior that were highlighted in the House of Hammer docuseries

At least among those claims– that included screenshots of supposed interactions in between ladies and Hammer– included a prominent social networks character, who, according to the Air Mail post, presumably described herself as “chasing him” in a message to Hammer’s ex-wife. (The accuser decreased to address concerns for the Air Mail story.) Hammer explained their interaction as a consensual non-consent scene.

He verified he had actually looked into a treatment center for drug abuse in May 2021 after he was stopped by his skill firm and press agent and left numerous tasks, consisting of Shotgun Wedding, Gaslit and The Offer. He likewise indicated sexual assault as a teenager as the incentive for his interest in BDSM, and stated that following those accusations, he experienced self-destructive ideation and made it through a suicide effort.

In the consequences of the accusations and the divorce, Chambers informed Elle she was mainly thinking of her kids, with the sensation now gone of desiring their kids to be a mix of herself and Hammer. “Do I desire my child to become this? Would I desire my child to remain in a relationship like this?” she concerns. “One day, I desire them to be able to state, ‘I am independent of whatever has actually taken place in generations prior to. I’m conscious of it, however I am the individual I am not since of where I originated from.'”

She’s likewise really clear about Hammer’s actions not having anything to do with her. “The last thing I ever wish to do is let somebody else’s actions, which have absolutely nothing to do with me, make me mad,” she stated. “It’s not going to assist me, and it’s not going to assist anybody around me.”

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