Apple Watch and watchOS get ChatGPT app with watch face issue

Apple Watch and watchOS get ChatGPT app with watch face issue
It is now possible to utilize ChatGPT on an Apple Watch. (Image source: Hidde van der Ploeg)

It is now possible to gain access to ChatGPT straight from an Apple Watch. The app operates in a number of languages, can address intricate concerns and can send out actions by means of e-mail, SMS or social networks, to name a few functions.

Designer Hidde van der Ploeg has actually launched a ChatGPT-based app for the watchOS, called watchGPT. Still noted as ‘Petey – AI Assistant’ on the Apple App Storethe paid app features an issue that enables the application to be released straight from a suitable watch face. With the app open, it is then possible to make voice demands that ChatGPT then processes and tries to address.

In theory, the Apple Watch’s little display screen makes watchGPT a much better option than traditional online search engine for rapidly searching for details. Presently, the app supports Dutch, English, French, and Spanish; it stays to be seen when van der Ploeg will incorporate other language alternatives. According to the designer, their app can likewise share responses by means of e-mail, SMS or social networks while not gathering any information itself. In addition, van der Ploeg intends to include functions like the capability to check out responses by means of an Apple Watch’s integrated speaker and to have whole discussions within the app.

It will quickly be possible to set off voice inputs straight from the watch issue rather than clicking to open the app and then making a demand. Van der Ploeg desires will to incorporate a history of previous demands. All functions ought to get here by means of totally free updates, although Petey – AI Assistant is a US$ 4.99 purchase through the Apple App Store.

(Image source: Hidde van der Ploeg)

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