Top 5 ManningCast moments from Week 15 Monday Night Football: Recapping the ManningCast

The current season of ManningCast bid adieu with the Philadelphia Eagles-Seattle Seahawks game, hosting a star-studded lineup featuring San Francisco 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey, Houston Texans backup quarterback Case Keenum, and the spirited Seahawks enthusiast, ESPN host Mina Kimes. As the Manningcast brothers take a hiatus before a Wild Card return next month, let’s relive the top five moments from Week 15.

Recapping the ManningCast: Monday Night Football

#1 Cheese Balls Extravaganza

Christian McCaffrey, the versatile running back, usually maintains a strict fitness routine. However, even elite athletes deserve a cheat day. In a surprising turn of events, McCaffrey and Eli Manning indulged in a massive serving of cheese balls before diving into their segment, proving that everyone needs a break from the grind.


#2 Mina Kimes’ Unmatched Seahawks Fandom

Whenever the Seahawks take the field, Mina Kimes is a must-have on ManningCast. The ESPN presenter shared anecdotes about her artistic skills, and wedding, and even showcased a memorable image of herself donning a Seahawks helmet with her wedding gown, redefining dedication to one’s team.

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#3 Adam Schefter’s Shoutout Moment

Acknowledging the NFL insider extraordinaire, Adam Schefter, Peyton Manning, and Christian McCaffrey reminisced about Schefter’s uncanny ability to break major player transactions. McCaffrey even revealed that Schefter knew about his trade from the Carolina Panthers before it became public knowledge, showcasing Schefter’s unmatched insight.


#4 Case Keenum’s Impromptu Fill-In for Kevin Hart

A last-minute change saw comedian Kevin Hart unable to make it to the show due to a conflicting schedule. ManningCast’s solution? Quick-thinking and resourceful Manning brothers drafted Houston Texans quarterback Case Keenum. Following a playful jest about Hart’s height, Keenum seamlessly stepped into the role, answering questions from Eli Manning as though he were the intended guest.

#5 Peyton Manning’s New Year’s Resolution: A Butt Cheek-Free Zone

Known for his comedic flair, Peyton Manning lightened the atmosphere by revealing his New Year’s resolution – no more “butt cheeks” references during broadcasts. Renowned for his humor on and off the field, Manning pledged to retire the cheeky remarks, promising a fresh and less cheeky start for the upcoming year.