31 Kitchen Products That May Make You Think “Woah, I Didn’t Know Something Like That Even Existed”

31 Kitchen Products That May Make You Think “Woah, I Didn’t Know Something Like That Even Existed”

And now that you do understand they exist, you require to purchase all of them.

We hope you like the items we suggest! All of them were individually picked by our editors. Some might have been sent out as samples, however all viewpoints and evaluations are our own. So you understand, BuzzFeed might gather a share of sales or other settlement from the links on this page if you choose to go shopping from them. Oh, and FYI– costs are precise and products in stock since time of publication.

1. A genius sandwich bread dispenser customers state assists keep loaves of sandwich bread fresher longer(believe: weeks) due to the fact that it’s 2023 and it’s time we lastly put an end to that bothersome minute of finding green areas a couple of days after grocery shopping and needing to discard half the loaf.

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A reviewer using the rectangular bread dispenser to pull out a fresh loaf

An image of the rectangular bread holder with a loaf inside

Check out the Buddeez bread dispenser on TikTok!

Buddeez is a family-owned little biz based in Missouri that offers house products!

Promising evaluation: “The Buddeez Sandwich Bread Dispenser is excellent! It does precisely what it was planned for. I live alone and I do not rather go through bread typically enough prior to the last quarter area of the loaf begins to stagnate. I was initially searching for something to put a loaf of bread in as a shell for my vacuum sealant, that would keep the bread from getting crushed from the pressure. This dispenser resolved all of my issues. Thank you!”– DRMcQuaig

Get it from Amazon for $1249

2. A 3-in-1 hamburger press for preparing scrumptious packed hamburgers and vegetable hamburgers, sliders, and routine hamburgers. Numerous packed hamburgers to attempt!!!


Made with non-stick finishing! Plus, it’s dishwasher-safe!

Promising evaluation: “I typically prevent these little gizmos due to the fact that truly, who in fact requires something like this? I’m consuming my words now due to the fact that I like the thing! After checking out the remaining things that end up in store-bought hamburger I began grinding my own meats. It makes a substantial distinction and it’s not that much work. These presses permit me to put some meat in journalism and carefully tap it into location for a best hamburger. Producing packed hamburgers is a lot easier than doing it by hand. Finest little ticket product I’ve bought in a long time.”– NHShopper

Get it from Amazon for $1291

3. A split choice pie pan to avoid you from needing to pick in between 2 delicious pie dishes, because now you can make BOTH! Or if you simply desire one pie dish however understand that making an entire pie will ultimately go to lose, you can simply make half of it!

amazon.com, amazon.com

The pan is made from heavy-weight aluminized steel which permits strong heat conduction and even baking. It likewise includes non-stick finish for simple release. It’s safe in temperature levels of as much as 450 degrees Fahrenheit, and it’s dishwasher-safe!

Promising evaluation: “I enjoy cherry and he likes apple, however to make 2 pies would be such a waste because it’s simply the 2 people in the house, and purchasing store-bought pie simply isn’t the very same. This was the best service. I LOVE IT!”– Sherry S.

Get it from Amazon for $1889

4. A set of sandwich cutters for making your really own Uncrustables at a portion of the expense you ‘d pay at the shop. (For example, this set is simply over $15 and a box of 15 Uncrustables at Target presently chooses $1399). Not just will you conserve cash, however you can work up any sandwich mix you ‘d like rather of sensation restricted to simply the choices Smucker’s deals.

sandwiches next to the cutters

reviewer photo of homemade uncrustables

Promising evaluation: These have actually been a GAME CHANGER in this home!! My kid has actually constantly pled me for Uncrustables however my wallet didn’t concur with them. I LOVE having the ability to make them in your home and tailor them to precisely what they would like them filled with! I make 2 weeks’ worth of sandwiches at a time and shop them in sandwich bags in the freezer so in the early morning throughout the academic year we can simply get and go! Love them!”– Katherine Smaczniak

Get the trine cutters from Amazon for $1596

5. A kitchen area tower you can choose to utilize to hold things like plastic bags for food storage, or utilize as a bottle drying rack. Or you can alternate in between the 2.


Promising evaluation: “I found this item looking for something to dry bottles. I am so grateful I gambled on it. I enjoy it for drying bottles. It does whatever the evaluations list. I was offered on it since it looked so simple to shop, however truthfully it hasn’t left my counter top given that it showed up. The method it opens and changes provides itself to any variety of usages. My preferred part it that I can hold up big uncomfortable products like cookie sheets and a 9×13 pan to dry. I have actually utilized it for holding open gallon bags to fill. Such an easy style and well performed.”– My Old KY Home

Get it from Amazon for $19+(readily available in 2 colors).

6. A colander spoon that’ll assist remove the battle that is … well. handling colanders. Simply scoop up your food straight from the pot!

a person using the colander spoon to take fried food out of a pot of oil


It’s made from strengthened nylon and appropriates for usage on nonstick pots and pans. It’s resistant to temperatures of as much as 392 degrees Fahrenheit, and it’s dishwasher-safe!

Promising evaluation: “I’ve owned this for simply over a month and I do not understand how I lived without it! From spooning potatoes into boiling water without a mess, to draining pipes a complete can of beans and far, far beyond, this scoop is an essential in the cooking area. I discover myself grabbing it every day. It has actually quickly changed the other spoons/scoops that I would generally utilize. You can not fail with this purchase!”– Jill Clement

Get it from Amazon for $ 9.95+(readily available in 2 colors).

7. A genius faucet splash catcher to assist lastly fix the pesky concern that is water from your kitchen area sink sprinkling onto your counter.

The faucet splash catcher in blue around a faucet

Hustle & & Sew/ Etsy

Hustle & & Sew is a little biz based in Saint Helens, Oregon that offers handcrafted items you can choose to get individualized!

Promising evaluation: ” Great product, captures all the drips! I asked for an off center hole for my faucet and it ended up best. Extremely suggest this store!”– Ellen Lucas

Get it from Hustle & & Sew on Etsy for $1350+( readily available in 6 colors and 4 sizes).

8. Cheese storage paper for protecting the freshness of your tacky goodness. There is absolutely nothing more frustrating then putting yourself a glass of red wine, opening the refrigerator to get the cheese that’ll accompany stated white wine, and understanding it’s musty. Even? You simply purchased it? Today?

a block of cheese on the cheese wrapping paper


Promising evaluation: “Before I purchased this cheese paper I would do the cheese search in the fridge. After purchasing cheeses, opening them, and after that rewrapping them in paradise understands what (specifically cling wrap, aluminum foil, and plastic containers), it was constantly the exact same outcome: musty cheese. This box includes the paper in sheets plus some sticker labels that you can compose on with the name of the cheese and the date it was covered or perhaps offer by date. There are likewise photos of a sheep, cow, and goat so the source can be determined by circling around or inspecting among them! What I likewise like is that the cheeses can be rewrapped after usage and remarkably the sticker labels still stick! The paper can likewise be cut to size to cover smaller sized cheeses. Far I have actually kept in mind that the cheeses have actually remained fresh with not a trace of mold. I extremely suggest this item to all cheese fans!”– grassy field female

Get a pack of 15 from Amazon for $15

9. A useful utensil to slice, core, and scoop melons. Stop purchasing it pre-cut! It’s more costly that method and this device will make sufficing up a lot more basic. You’re welcome!


Promising evaluation: “Love this item! It deserved the wait and you can’t beat the rate! When I bought this item for my melon-loving mom I was reluctant it would not work, however kid was I incorrect. It makes cutting melon enjoyable!”– Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $1237

10 Nonstick toaster bags so when your next yearning for a midnight grilled cheese hits, you can merely pop it in the toaster, no pans required.

Amazon, amazon.com

Promising evaluation: “I purchased this for my senior mother who likes grilled cheese sandwiches. I was doubtful that this bag on the toaster would work however it did! The only thing I would recommend seeks you toast the sandwich, let it sit for a couple of minutes so the cheese melts much better. I prepared it and provided it to her quickly. Bread was toasted on the exterior. Tidy up was simple. All in all remarkable!”– Christopher Carnrick at Pirate Palms

Get a pack of 4 from Amazon for $ 8.99

11 Silicone stretch covers that’ll avoid you from needing to browse your kitchen area low and high for the ideal storage cover or handle persistent cling wrap.

the silicone stretch lids covering half cut-open fruits


You’ll get 7 silicone stretch covers varying from sizes 2.8″ to 9.1″ sizes, plus a big perk celebration bowl cover! These are without BPA, lead, plastic, and phthalates. Plus, they’re dishwashing machine- and freezer-safe!

Promising evaluation: “These covers are terrific! No more looking for the ideal cover. They’re particularly valuable for my glass bowls. I’ve never ever had success with cling wrap, so these seem like a wonder. I like that they’ll extend to cover a bowl that’s too complete to fit its cover, so discovering the best container for leftovers simply got a lot much easier.”– Vanessa Brannan

Get them from Amazon for $1699

12 A surface area cover to change your cooking area counters and tables into stunning marble pieces, without requiring to renovate your entire kitchen area.


Check out our marble contact paper writeup to read more about this economical and extremely cool item!

Promising evaluation: “Looks AMAZING. Actually simple to utilize, simply make certain you determine and get a piece huge enough for your product so you do not need to line up several pieces. Took less than 30 minutes to renovate my buffet top from the dark brown granite it utilized to be.”– Brittany renzoni

Get it from Amazon for $ 5.24+(offered in 5 sizes).

13 And while we’re at it, some contact paper for making out-of-date devices, drawers, racks, cabinets, and more appear like brand name brand-new stainless-steel pieces.

on the left, a reviewer's dishwasher, and on the right, the same dishwasher now looking like a new, stainless steel dishwasher with the contact paper on it


Promising evaluation: “Amazing task at upgrading my wall oven. I looked for months attempting to see what would be an alternative replacement to my outdated wall oven (25 years of ages). The important things is, my old oven has actually constantly worked extremely well, so I could not actually validate paying $2,00 0 to change my working double wall oven just due to the fact that of cosmetic factors. It dawned on me that possibly if I upgraded the oven with this metal covering it would look like genuine stainless steel. For actually the expense of $10 I upgraded my oven. The upgrade is essentially undetectable unless you inform somebody, and what’s the very best thing of all, it leaves no finger prints. Finest $10 I ever invested.”– B. Lenj

Get it from Amazon for $1439

14 An Instant Pot unicorn accessory you merely put on top of your pressure cooker’s steam release to assist reroute the circulation of steam from taking a trip directly. Not to discuss, it’ll be extremely enjoyable to see the steam come out of this little cutie’s nose.

SteamGeeks/ Etsy

SteamGeeks is a small company based in Denham Springs, Louisiana that offers an enjoyable selection of special devices for the Instant Pot, Ninja Foodi, and KitchenAid Stand Mixer.

Promising evaluation: “This is the very best thing I’ve ever purchased for my Instant Pot. It works completely and makes me laugh whenever the steam comes out of its nose. Extremely advised!!”– Tyler Rose

Get it from SteamGeeks on Etsy for $14+(readily available in different colors and numerous Instant Pot design types).

15 A dressing fork best for connecting to the side of the pickle container, so you can enjoy your crispy, salted treat without dipping your hand in a pickle juice bath in advance.


This is top-rack dishwasher-safe!

Promising evaluation: “What a terrific little development! Who understood that we required among these things, however what an useful little device to have. This features 2 rings, one that will fit a big container of pickles and one for a little container like the size those little sweet gherkins can be found in. The pickle fork thingy is simple to eliminate from the holder, and if you wish to put it back in the holder after fishing out your pickles without washing it, no concerns. The little pocket and the bottom can hold a great deal of errant pickle juice. It works similarly well on containers of olives. It makes eliminating an olive or more a lot more … civilized!”– PT Cruiser

Get it from Amazon for $ 8.99

16 A batter dispenser to get the ideal quantity of batter out and onto the frying pan or into a cupcake liner (or any place else you might be putting batter), with simply the capture of a deal with.

amazon.com, amazon.com

This dispenser is made from high quality BPA-free plastic and has a four-cup capability. All you need to do is fill it with your option of batter, squeeze the manage to put it out equally, and it’s dishwasher-safe, so then you can simply pop it in there to clean up!

Promising evaluation: “Finally a cooking area utensil that conserves time, mess, and aggravation! I bought this due to the fact that my 10- year-old child enjoys to make pancakes however she likewise leaves an unbelievable mess. She likewise likes to make cupcakes which’s even a double mess. Upon getting the batter dispenser, my child took it out of the plan and began making pancakes immediately without my guidelines. She liked the ease to make the pancakes in the container and after that one click the pan without any mess.”– Jim Hudson

Get it from Amazon for $2399

17 Citrus peelers so you can enjoy your preferred citrus fruits without your hands smelling like them for the remainder of the day.

a person using the tool to peel back an orange peel


Promising evaluation: “Makes peeling oranges a breeze! I would sit there and attempt to utilize my nails and it would take me permanently to peel an orange that often I would not consume them due to the fact that of the trouble. These little tools work excellent and make consuming oranges much easier.”– Alexandria

Get a pack of 2 from Amazon for $ 4.58

18 A microwave bacon cooker that’ll make it so easy to work up that salted goodness. When you get up in the early morning, do you truly feel taking a work out, putting bacon into it, needing to keep in mind to turn the bacon, and draining pipes the grease from the pan? Yeah, no, forget that.

on the left, raw bacon on the cooker in the microwave, and on the right, the same bacon now perfectly cooked on a plate with pancakes


Microwave time is simply one minute per piece! The tray captures all the grease, and it’s dishwasher-safe!

Promising evaluation: “This is the very best little gizmo I have actually attempted in a long period of time. I lay a paper towel on the top and fold to curtain over the edges to capture the splatters, program for one minute per piece of bacon, which is it. If you have a complete rack, 12 pieces, you will take the rack out, get rid of the ones that are done, returned in, prepare for extra one minutes up until all are to your fulfillment. You can put the device into the dishwashing machine or wash in great soapy water and have it prepared for the next usage.”– G. Carver

Get it from Amazon for $1499

TrinketSlotCrafts/ Etsy

These cookie cutters are made from food-safe plastic and are without dyes/coloring, BPA, and phthalates. They’re recyclable, however not dishwasher-safe, so make certain to hand-wash after each usage! Choices consists of Tom Nook, Isabelle, KK Slider, Marshal, Stitches, Raymond, and the ever-famous Animal Crossing leaf. If you can’t choose, you can acquire all of them in a set for $36! TrinketSlotCrafts is a small company based in Los Angeles, CA that offers an enjoyable range of player fashion jewelry and cookie cutters.

Promising evaluation: “Just got these today and they’re lovable! I enjoy that a sugar cookie dish was consisted of with the cutters. Can’t wait to make cookies with these!”– Stephanie Miranda

Get it from TrinketSlotCrafts on Etsy for $ 9

20 A breakfast sandwich maker for guaranteeing you begin your day in the most tasty method.

breakfast sandwich with an english muffin egg cheese and bacon

a reviewer photo of two breakfast sandwich makers being cooked with the sandwich maker

It just takes about 5 minutes to make your breakfast sandwich. The surface areas are covered with resilient, nonstick covering, and all detachable parts are dishwasher-safe. Includes some dishes for inspo, and PSA: If utilizing meat, it needs to be pre-cooked.

Promising evaluation: “I’m gadget-obsessed and purchased this on an impulse, and I’m quite pleased. I utilized Pam spray, English muffins, ham, cheese, and an egg. I warmed it up a little past the advised time, set a timer for 5 minutes, utilized tongs to raise the compartments and whaddya understand! An ideal, adorable little sandwich! I pulled it out with a plastic spatula and set it on a small cookie rack to cool so the bottom would not get soaked. Absolutely nothing dripped, absolutely nothing stuck. Extremely compact and neat. Let the device cool, then wash and clean.”– Amazoniac

Get it from Amazon for $4699

21 A revolving spice rack that includes identified containers of spices filled with the spices themselves, in addition to an online code so you can secure free spice re-fills for FIVE YEARS! 5! FREAKING! YEARS!!! Sign me up.

the spice rack filled with the various spice jars


Promising evaluation: “Oh, this was a best piece for my kitchen area. I was searching for a spice rack for over a month and Wayfair had the one I required. The size completely fits on my kitchen area counter. Love this!”– Van Doren

Get it from Wayfair for $3692

22 A huge cupcake pan so you can make cake-sized variations of what is normally a mini cake reward. We stan cupcakes of all sizes and shapes here.

a giant easter themed cupcake

a giant mickey themed birthday cupcake

Promising evaluation: “After a regional baker attempted to charge me $45 for a huge cupcake I purchased this and made my own smash cake for my 1-year-old. Now my other kids desire huge cupcake cakes for their birthdays. I have actually made 4 up until now for various occasions, and they end up best each time.”– S

Get it from Amazon for $1799

23 A set of knife-protection gloves to guarantee your fingers and hands are protected when managing the sharpest of knives in the cooking area. You have a tasty meal to prepare, there’s no time at all for avoidable injuries.

a person wearing the gray gloves while cutting a piece of raw meat


Promising evaluation: “I purchased the gloves due to the fact that I had 2 nasty cuts in fast succession from a cheese grater. Anybody who has actually had injuries to their fingers understands how hard it is to continue to do daily activities and meal preparation while still safeguarding your injury. I got the gloves rapidly after my order and pushed them into usage instantly that night. I am most amazed. My fingers/hands were safeguarded from my really sharp grater and knife while I prepared supper. I purchased 2 sets, one to keep and one to provide as a present. I am now going to purchase a 3rd set in a bigger size for a good friend who likewise likes to prepare however struggles with periodic confrontations with mandolines, graters, and knives. Excellent item!”– O’Hare

Get them from Amazon for $ 9.69+(offered in 5 designs and sizes XS– XL).

24 A 3-in-1 extremely pot you can virtually change your range with since it can be utilized to grill, sluggish cook, steam, simmer, and serve. Can your range serve individuals while they’re sitting at the table? Uh, no it can’t. Point shown.

the super pot on a stove surrounded by different types of food and spices


Features a deep, big capability 3 quart pot, and a big 10 inch grill. The non-electric parts are dishwasher-safe!

Promising evaluation: “Bought this to change my range. I can barbecue in it, fry fish, make soups, stews, and omelets, steam veggies, and bake in it. I like it. It’s simple on the electrical costs and does not warm up your home.”– William Thomas

Get it from Amazon for $3676+(offered in 2 colors).

25 A nonstick sectioned frying pan for making all the various elements of your meal in one practical location, all on the very same range burner. My apologies to all of your other pans now feeling excluded and under-appreciated.

a reviewer photo of the divided skillet cooking various breakfast foods


This includes 5 compartments. It just needs one burner, and it’s non-stick and stain-resistant. Plus, it includes double layer non-stick covering that is PFOA-free. It’s both oven- and dishwasher-safe.

Promising evaluation: “Now that I have actually prepared a couple of meals with this pan, I can truthfully state that I will no longer be requiring all my other pans. It simply does it all. Cooking several components at the very same time and after that instilling them together to blend the tastes is something that I have actually never ever had the ability to do in the past. Keep the pan at a medium heat to constantly get the very best cook, since foods prepare in a different way, and you can take your time in preparing your meal. I suggest this to basically anybody that likes to prepare and primarily to the ones that fear it!”– Dan S

Get it from Amazon for $5785

26 A rechargeable refrigerator deodorizer that so occurs to be more reliable than baking soda. How so? Well, while baking soda is excellent at soaking up smells, this helpful gadget really help in eliminating those smells by flowing oxygen.

The white thin oval-shaped air purifier in a fridge

Check out the deodorizer on TikTok!

Promising evaluation: “I like how little area this deodorizer uses up. I’ve had a couple of various brand names and types, however all were relatively large. This charged quickly, and I like that I just require to charge month-to-month. My refrigerator hasn’t smelled as soon as given that I’ve begun utilizing.”– Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $2299

27 Silicone egg poaching cups so you can rapidly and quickly make poached eggs. Repairing yourself a scrumptious Eggs Benedict next time you’re hungover on a Sunday early morning will be far more workable to do now.


These are resistant to temperatures of as much as 405 degrees Fahrenheit! Plus, they’re dishwasher-safe!

Promising evaluation: “I’m a substantial fan of Eggs Benedict, however I utilized to just purchase them at dining establishments. I chose I wished to attempt to make this breakfast in your home. I explored limitless items on Amazon and I selected these silicone poaching cups due to the fact that of the fantastic evaluations and the cost point. These are definitely incredible therefore exceptionally simple to utilize. Do not forget to spray a little cooking spray in prior to including the egg.”– Lindsey

Get a pack of 4 from Amazon for $1197

28 A microwave popcorn bowl to make whipping up a scrumptious treat incredibly fast and simple. Once it’s all popped, you can include butter, oil, and flavorings of your option!

a reviewer photo of the popcorn bowl in magenta filled with popcorn


Promising evaluation: “My preferred method to make popcorn! Simply put the kernels in (absolutely nothing else), and put the cover on the bowl– it traps the heat and steam and rises as the popcorn pops. Microwave a couple of minutes. I put the popcorn into a huge bowl and consider with butter and salt. I would not put butter or oil in this Salbree bowl or the silicone will get gunky/sticky. Simply wash tidy. Simple and tastes way much better than bagged popcorn! I even purchased one for my mommy as a present and she enjoys hers, too.”– Sarah Daniels

Get it from Amazon for $1699(readily available in numerous colors).

29 A ouija board cutting board so you can summon a spirit into your cooking area each time you cut up meat, fish, or produce. Simply joking … it WILL make your cooking area appearance very cool, tho!

the black cutting board that looks like a ouija board

Say10 Crafts/ Etsy

Say10 Crafts is a small company that offers a range of gothic, hellish, and occult clothes, house items, deal with masks, and more creepy goodness!

Promising evaluation: “This came faster than I anticipated! The top is textured, which I actually like, and the quality is fantastic. I purchased it for my sibling’s birthday and she LOVED it!”– kirbyldawson

Get it from Say10 Crafts on Etsy for $3960+(readily available in 2 sizes).

30 A sushi-making package for making your own fresh sushi! If you wish to throw up a weird mix of components, you can!

a plate of various types of sushi rolls made using the kit

person making the sushi using the kit

This set consists of a training frame, nonstick paddle, and the SushiQuik Roll cutter. It can make all roll sizes, consists of rolls with rice on the exterior. Plus, the sushi mat is removable so it can be put in the dishwashing machine.

Promising evaluation: “Bought this for my spouse, however I rapidly took it over! Tastes a lot better than supermarket sushi, and will conserve great deals of cash over the long term. Attempt it!”– Linda

Get it from Amazon for $1595

31 A mixed drink device that’ll turn your home into the very best bar in the area. All you need to do is place a mixed drink pod of your option, fill a bottle with the alcohol to match, pick your mixed drink strength, press a button, and delight in!

Hannah Loewentheil/ BuzzFeed

Promising evaluation: “When I initially captured wind of the Bartesian premium mixed drink maker, my very first idea was does anybody really require this device? After attempting it for myself, I can state the response is a firm YES, and here’s why. I enjoy making mixed drinks in your home, and while I’m no bartender, I feel extremely comfy shaking a spicy margarita, stirring a negroni, or whipping up a Pisco sour. Making craft mixed drinks at house needs numerous (frequently pricey) active ingredients, bar tools, time and effort. With the Bartesian though, you can make elegant beverages with the click of a button– actually. Once you turn the Bartesian on, it triggers you to place a mixed drink pill. The clever device acknowledges the mixed drink you’re attempting to make and will guarantee you’ve positioned the correct spirit in the bottle (I understand, it’s astonishing). Next, it triggers you to select your mixed drink strength (there’s even a mocktail alternative), and to position a glass with ice below the spout. Next, the Bartesian will begin putting your craft mixed drink. The entire procedure takes about 20 seconds and it’s all really amazing. With lots of bars closed and individuals quarantining or feeling reluctant about heading out to consume, this gizmo permits you to make professional-quality mixed drinks in the house.“– Hannah Loewentheil, BuzzFeed Editor

Get it from Amazon for $337(offered in 3 designs).

Reviews have actually been modified for length and/or clearness.

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