17 Times Customers Stepped Wayyy Out Of Line And Literally Tried To Scam Businesses

17 Times Customers Stepped Wayyy Out Of Line And Literally Tried To Scam Businesses

1. This consumer who believed a bed mattress shop ought to assist them move 2 years later on:

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2. This client who desired a personalized computer system with a HUGE discount rate:

3. This customer who wished to get a totally free expert shoot from an effective professional photographer and provided ~ direct exposure ~ in exchange:

4. This consumer who obviously desired the seller’s specific address:

5. This client who ghosted, then desired this unique order and shipment right prior to Christmas:

6. This “haute couture designer” who wished to avoid the line at a dining establishment:

7. This consumer who realllly desired a shipment for a product when the seller plainly mentioned “no shipment” on the initial post:

8. These Airbnb visitors who believed their host needs to move existing appointments with other visitors simply to accommodate their modification of strategies:

9. This influencer who attempted to negotiate to get a $2,800 PC totally free:

10 This client who left a bad evaluation for an all-you-can-eat (AYCE) dining establishment, however obviously neglected several information:

11 This customer who blamed this fitness instructor for more destroying his marital relationship– all since they would not work for complimentary:

12 This handy client who attempted to get this sofa off a seller’s hands:

13 This “influence page” that connected to this artist to include their work– and desired them to spend for it:

14 This “routine client” who believes they ought to get a totally free cookie after dropping theirs:

15 This client who desires a product over half off … and desires it ~ now ~:

16 This client who appeared to a dining establishment with a substantial group and didn’t believe to contact or make an appointment initially:

17 And lastly, this individual who chose to leave a bad evaluation for a “gorgeous” wedding event location they did not utilize since they could not manage it:

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